MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja R2 50 | Duo Maut Ninjais Riau

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja R2 50 | Duo Maut Ninjais Riau

Virus GP same style as pervasive in the depths of Hermanto and David. Without feeling Testament, the original guy and Dumai Rengat It comes with 250 R Ninja outdate transformed tub mounts moge overseas raider.

While we are pretty big engine and the fairing shape body very fit for MODIF like this. The result can be satisfied and certainly far from the original high price, "foundation of both. | Rob / punk

Kawasaki Ninja R250 - Rengat

Body Solutions CHROME
In the hands of as modifikator Wijaya, uniforms and equipment letestede Ninin fairing factory. Only the stern are revamped to be more peaked fiber custom fit the theme. Later in the workshop chromated total Clink Jakarta. Results of the chromium is not just the standard allowed for granted, but in solid colors with matching red scotlite following sikkens varnish through the hands of Tommy Airbrush Jakarta. "He looks even more blink blink bro," open the owner of this motor.

Ex-foot R1
Although by nature to look macho Ninin not necessarily make doi satisfied. Keep in touch again in the sector's legs still look skinny. A set of wheels former waste moge ditebusnya to beat the Yamaha R1 hot asphalt with rubber Riau Islands Cunti Continental Race Attack. Problem ajrutan and shut-off wheels no need to think again, because everything is complete alias seaech, "added the doctor modif.

Kawasaki Ninja R250 - DUMAI

Red Ducatisti
Unlike the Ninja have David, who lived in the numbers Hermanto Kasim SS was made in the single body in debris seater. Inspired by the forms of sport Ducati 848 through fiber dough from the crew Dales. Painting workmanship selected red and white mixed danaglos siralic began re fused all motor side, this new ride mate Casey Stoner, "user cuap this sikken varnish. While the front looks trendy lighted angel eyes HID projector Kitaco handlebars and rearview mirror amid Koso.

Leg Standard Equipment
To appear hostile to the sport should be capitalized, large no fairing. Middling cheap but not tacky. So, this Ninin legs appear commensurate with the original Enkei rims are wrapped with rubber re Batlax BT 1992. The second suspension is also still the factory default anyway, but his arms ayun cool because it makes getting re-boost aka a custom license plate image doi iron horse.

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 | Perfect Gold Chrome

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 | Perfect Gold Chrome

From nature to, Jupie MX is a sporty character. This 135cc engine could be barking at whatever engine revolution. Yet, when asked to dress up nice for display at the exhibition is also okay. Simple example, the output komeng 2006 search I Made Ambara Suarjaya from Bali.

This motor was never show off in Otre, but by the owner of the repaired again with a more fresh and Modify deserve admiration. "The concept is an elegant sport, hence the somewhat customed body, but wearing gold chrome," commentator modifier of the open garage on the number of Mount Muliawan East.

Compared to a previous version, the MX body was given transbody from other Yamaha products, namely headlights Mio Smile. Meanwhile, the front cover Thailand substituted variations of products, including handlebar bald.

To the stern, was also made to rise with the former big-bike taillight. Besides enhanced with additional fairing and add undercowl lips in many parts, including fenders front fenders alias.

Finishing the end, chrome alloy with white gold-style graphics Fiat Punto. Surely, this solid color matching really implies perfect impression. Because the concept sports an elegant, of course, body and legs get a little different touch.

Sock front and rear crammed with products Gazi. The swing back to more robust customization provided. In order for the ideal compositions, also the braking device is maximized. "We have disposable products Kitaco, complete with master and calipers," said Ambara Suarjaya.

Special wheels, color is also in conformity with the character body. Chromated Enkei rims. While the ideal composition is made of black rubber, tire performance tire Deli FDR and not too cool, fitted with a body outside the dynamic performance and striking eyes. | Punk

BODY PART: Custom / Mio Smile / aft Matic 250cc, SOK DPN; Up-side down Gazi, discs DPN: Variations wave disc Kitaco, MASTER / KALIPER: Kitaco, SWING ARM, Custom, MONOSOK: Gazi, discs BLK: Variations RC, MASTERS / KALIPER BLK: Kitaco, DPN BAN / BLK; FDR / Deli tire, handlebar: X-1R Thai, TACHO: Hyper-Pro, exhaust: Custom, FOOTPEG: Yoshimura, seats: Custom, modifier: M-1 Custom - Jl. East Muliawan Mount 15x Denpasar Bali.

MODIFIKASI Honda Megapro 2000 | Custom Board Tracker

MODIFIKASI Honda Megapro 2000 | Custom Board Tracker

Not only in foreign countries there, modilover-country modilover children were also more crowded now a trend fever custom board tracker. The latest one coming from the eastern part of the capital Jakarta, Rifai Nurhasan with my '00 Honda Megapro his yard this time took builder confidence flagged N Joy 76 from Jogjakarta. | Tito / cand

Customized BOARD Tracker
The appearance of a simple, minimalist bald thick with the spirit of classic old school so plus points for the jack context Outlaw motorcycle style figure cool Board Tracker. "But of course we categorically do not upload, so surely must come up with a sense of Truly custom birth tuk visual aesthetic effect of a mascot for a custom board tracker" that stay firmly in Kp.Bulak Rifai, Klender Ja-Team.

Preliminary design of the project opened with a full frame new units. Raw material gas pipe basically rely on the schedule one and one half dim. The process is designed with roll technique blended with solid MIG welding. The concept is designed versatile curved and twisted sector with rigid tapered tail. Interestingly, at each meeting point between the pipe joints frames, pipes tide Slop as a reinforcement bolt construction that link sweetened L.

Somewhat confusing as well as how naming fork units. Fork is a combination of a certain model construction Springer combined basic construction style of the leading fork damping system relies on a pair of pretentious stakeup-side down the stern ex. variations duck / cub.

Bobber Wheels
Jack the concept of macho 'n cool, couples increasingly ignorant legs cool Bobber style. Backed up front circumference donut tire profile 18-inch diameter, while the stern of the more sensational with sycophants ring binder-profile 180/55-17 wide footprint. "Of course we had to make the circumference of the wheel velgnya ex tin cars lips widened diameter 17 inches" said Rifai.

Design setema body designed with frames. Bend smoothly with sharp and pointy-dimensional effect. Gas tanks are designed under the back bone pipe stem, the more sexy tank when the field of plate material was 1.2 mm was wrapped chrome. cohesive concept, designed single-seater racing with slicked body tapering tail also affix and fused together seater coherent.

Spirit of custom bike really adopted the team perfect by Joy N 76 Yogyakarta, the variety of parts made dewe with innovation no less trendy than the foreign builder. viewed style exhaust system under tail, attractively designed with silencers following a sharp-shaped grooves set seater, also featured a unique handlebars with my inner construction so that the appearance thortle appear without a piece kabelpun rehearsal.

Fork: Custom Made, HEAD LIGHT: Customized, discs: Megapro, MASTER-KALIPER: KTC, BAN: IRC & Battlax, Customized BY: N Joy 76 Jl.Kali Urang KM 5.6 Yogyakarta (085 643 423 081)



Not already on the market its time again searched glued see left motor looks dirty, try deh see Suzi Smash Jacky Jinggo belongs. Cool model used is also legitimate speeding aja let alone make the streets with my friends one club.

Appearance and performance became the main concern. "Create a power protect I support with the already oversized piston 200, hereinafter to supply current gasoline karbu wear Keihin exhaust hole 28 is forwarded refined and AHRS short muffler that makes the pull lightly," said junior Al Zahra Jepara Student this.

Easy offset machine, the legs also were taken into account with a rim Daytona rubber took big tires so easy to drag plate. "Suspension front of a little fashion of applying the tube model and YSS Bungbon to stern, the following pairs of PSM 32mm wide disc clamped Nissin calipers," Jacky cap.

So that eventually more and more perfect view, the last secret forwarded through color graphics garnish screen enough fresh evocative style, a dynamic spirit of racing. | Andre

Rim DPN / BLK: TK japan, Ban DPN / BLK: FDR, Cat / clear: Blinken, Exhaust: Creampie, Mdifikator: J-Concept Jepara



Motor agility modification is somewhat questionable to use daily ride. Especially in the Capital city streets whose names are familiar as bad. But, it was immediately denied Barry Cahya Nugraha, the owner of this Honda Tiger. According to him, depending on the concept itself MODIF

"Yeah, like streetfighter type. In addition to the unique shape and muscular, as well as for riding in the city. Sip clearly more sporty than the type. I was kind of motor, "Barry pointed to the bike.

But to touch MODIF, Barry is not alone. Doi submit changes to the Tiger's favorite Syawaluddin, friend Motor modifier. The first thing modifier of this kind, initiated the concept of the tank through the motor.

Form of the tank in this bike, do not take the design from an existing motor. But, purely from our own creations, "says the man who had a workshop on Jl. Perum Peruri Sudimara Jaya, Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten.

Use the basic materials-iron plate 0.8 mm, enough to increase fuel capacity to 19 liters of which was originally only 13 liters. Here Syawaluddin harmonizationcarefulness design large-capacity tank with the cover body to the stern style streetfighter

Continue to cover the body! Rely on fiberglass, because doi wish to pursue in order not too heavy. Moreover, to create designs and grooves, obviously easier than the metal plate. But the matter of design, of course, made so in harmony with the gasoline tank belonging cool.

The impression presented by the stern of a true fighter who made a bit rise. To that end, raise the subframe Syawaluddin about 3 cm.

There are interesting things done with the motor Syawaludin Barry. Doi, do a test ride on the motor customers with route Jakarta-Jakarta-Cianjur. "The testing of this motor, motor deficiencies purpose is to find the time position of the road. Because Barry wants perfection in that bike, "said the native modifier of Tasikmalaya, West Java.

This step, something that rarely spelled out in celebration of National modification. And if ever, maybe with a close range. But, rather than if something should go back and forth to the shop, doi travel better this way.

The result, proven! Banny motors do not experience significant problems. So, except for pacing on the streets of Jakarta, Barry was now able to confirm if his streetfighter was also invited to remain reliable for long touring!


Front tire: Mizzle 90/80-17
Rear tire: 140/60-17 Tire Deli
Speedometer: Terminogni
Sok back: YSS Satria 120R
Sahabat Motor: (021) 99387168

MODIFIKASI Yamaha R1 SP/R Factory Edition.

MODIFIKASI Yamaha R1 SP/R Factory Edition.

Secretly motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha R1 Yamaha launch a special edition in Europe precisely in France. There will be two models of Yamaha R1 Yamaha R1 SP and SP / R Factory Edition.

Both motors are made to respect the French team was quoted as saying Autoevolution Endurance, Friday (27/08/2010). Yamaha R1 until further enhance the sporty appearance.

Yamaha focuses on the concept of striping changes. No changes whatsoever to the contours of the body's special edition Yamaha R1, chassis concept similar for Yamaha R1 before.

In addition to striping a different concept, changes also occurred at the sitting style Yamaha R1. Who was able to seat two passengers are now made just for one passenger, according to the concept of racing. While the delta box to the feet match the original.

For Yamaha upholstery material using anti Polytron anti slump. Plus breket (grip) on the back. Yamaha R1 SP Priced 16.999 euros, or about USD 193 million and the current version and the Yamaha R1 SP / R valued USD 227 million.

RI adopts Yamaha engine with a capacity of 1000 cc inline four cylinder. Motor sports are using drive by wire so that the intake gas can be better controlled. Atomizer system is equipped with injection systems.

Yamaha Europe will also produce signature Yamaha R1 with Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi in the gas tank. Unfortunately all the that could only be obtained in France.

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki KLX150 2009

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki KLX150 2009

Got a place of business of the besieged area jammed, turn the brain makes Svendfry Prog. Motors, so the most effective alternative vehicles. Kawasaki KLX150 even, so selection. But of course, changed the genre of first SuperMoto dong. Doi, unwilling to appear normal!

"For daily activities more often driving on the asphalt, of SuperMoto is felt most appropriate," said the man who had a business in the field of Safety in shopping Equipmnet Glodok, Central Jakarta.

The process of choosing an arbitrary benchmark modification also baseball. First, doi surfing the internet for seeking referral MODIF concept. Once the concept is obtained, a new contact Svendfry deh Fakkar Budi Udin, Jatayu Bike Shop owner.

From the concept of the man wanted a waterfall in the world of racing's 90's era, see if it refers to a form SuperMoto Monster Energy. Finally, all parts that will be used to adjust participate. One of them, the use of shock absorbers on the front.

"For the upside-down front, wearing owned Honda CRF150 Marzocchi Shiver latest type," says the man his workshop located at the Komplek Taman Indah expectations (THI), Block. EE / 2, Tubagus Angke, West Jakarta.

With this type, top-down triangle made of CNC processes. Certainly be lighter. Also, be adjustable. Any installation process, do not make a living tide aka Budi overwhelmed.

In addition, the upside-down selection also refer to the front of the existing disk models on the left. "Fact is like that. Hence, for a rim also adjusts, "Budi added.

Yup! Create a rim, it was decided to use a round aluminum owned Honda Hornet. Because of this rim brake disc applications on the left as you wish. Broadly categorized Peleknya own. To the front and rear 2:50 X 17, 3.75 X 17.

Slightly different from the swing arm! To swing arm, this stocky modifier rely owned Yamaha YZ125. But, of course, be adjusted as well. "Swing arm cut off about 1 cm, left and right. The goal to be consistent with the framework of KLX, "said Budi again.

Then, the construction arm that previously newfangled A, replaced the model H. For welding affairs, Budi no kidding. Because the swing arm made of aluminum, the welding process is entrusted to an expert. "For safety," Budi pede.


Tire front: 120/60-17 Bridgestone
Rear tire: 130/60-17 Bridgestone
Calipers: Brembo 4 piston
Exhaust: Yoshimura Tri Oval
Stabilizer: Zeta
Brake hose: Hel
Handlebar: Standard

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2008

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2008

Virus West Central Java Style streetfighter style or tease WJS Itox who lived in Kolaka, North Sulawesi. Itox who were there this KTP modif to tell who's cage Banyumas modifier of WJS.

This means Banyumas has become the center of modifications which have strong characteristics, and reference modification Motherland. "Right, so I work on with all my soul. Both the construction and finishing. Moreover Itok want his motorcycle had a strong concept, I love Transformers proposal, "opening Siswo Winoto from Win's Paddock (WP), which grow naturally in the universe modification of Indonesia.

In view of physical shape, a rectangle and the full curve of the body are characteristic of a true Transformers. "However, WJS characteristic form of tail accidentally find a minimalist," explained builder who ngendon on Jl. Of Sunan Ampel, Pabuaran, Purwokerto this

Short tail, eh Banyumasan builder's characteristics that put forward a simple accent to the tail of mostly single sitter. However, the modifier is affectionately greeted Wiwin accidentally double love seat concept sitter. In order to use the luggage rack. But, will find the tight feel of the body behind the taper. So the impression cropped tail was still so pronounced. The difference in the seat of deliberately contrived paseenger riseand Honda light application of CS-1 is compressed more and make the back look fantastic accent.

Fiberworks indeed be a crucial thing, let alone intentionally Wiwin love the shape and texture to the entire body. "For all that, working requires a long time, about two months. Because, I want to perfect form on the detail of the body, "said this humorous man.

Examples of the headlights that have forehead kind of fish. Lights deliberately contrived as if to impress on muscular body. Includes side-bloated body.


Front tire: 110/70-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 140/60-14 Swallow
Rim: Rotora
Airs next: Trusty
Handlebar: X-1
WP: 0815-4888-6755

MODIFIKASI Honda Vario | Beraliran Japanese Style

MODIFIKASI Honda Vario | Beraliran Japanese Style

Want to know the modification skutik Japan like? Incidentally never go into the land of the Rising Sun, in October 2009, no one ekestrem modifications in Indonesia. Approximately figures such as Honda Vario 2007 from Surabaya (East Java) plots the results Andit Kurniawan.

Modification of the flow of Japanese big-matic, according Andit's cool. Unfortunately, in Indonesia has not been marketed. Hence, the idea emerged to make the Honda Vario 2007.

The focus of the early progress made on the framework and with bare feet the whole body and the second wheel cover, which must not be used. He then cutframework centerbone. Because, to make big-matic, one way to lengthen centerbone.

"Fortunately canterbone Vario has a single, so it's easier to extend the area," he said. How, after a given cut along the 25 cm pipe connections, automatic axle participate long to 20 cm with a retreat-retreat.

In addition cool body, another hallmark of the Japanese modification, tires are great. Here Andit wear size 7x14 inch rims wrapped in 140/70-14 tires for front and rear.

Success frame and legs, work is transferred to the body. In this sector, admits he took inspiration from two of Yamaha products, ie, Tmax and Majesty. To raises big impression matic, the chest should be raised. How, to use the main lights of big dimensions. Options, eventually fell on the Honda CBR900.

Be the first Japanese-style Vario Big matic

SPESIFIKASI Honda Vario | Luncurkan Varian Baru Skutik

SPESIFIKASI Honda Vario | Luncurkan Varian Baru Skutik

To increase sales while providing more options to motorcycle, Honda introduced a new variant of the Vario Techno skutik Honda.

So far there are two namely Vario Vario Vario Techno CBS and CW. Now for the latest variant of this Vario Vario Techno dress like CBS but did not apply the brakes Combi Brake System or CBS. Vario this one is a mediator between the variants Techno CBS and CW. So now there are three variants skutik Vario.

Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Julius Aslan reveals one of the reasons consumers buy a Vario Techno CBS is because the body is a very interesting design.

Seeing this, Honda has decided to give an appreciation of the model with the release of a new variant of the Vario Techno with relatively more affordable price.

"We provide consumers with additional options to bring that to apply the Vario Techno Techno CBS Vario body design but with the standard braking system on the rear brake, similar to other Honda skutik. Skutik Consumers will get new options at a price more affordable," he said in a press release received detikOto, Wednesday (25 / / 2010).

This new Honda Vario Techno will be marketed at a price of Rp 14.8 million (on the road DKI Jakarta).

This new variant will have a choice of four colors of the Orion Black, Galactic Blue, Mars Red, White and Cosmic new striping that looks more attractive and dynamic, according to taste young children.

Honda Vario Replace Old Striping

Besides introducing a new variant of Honda is also doing two Vario freshness for a long time to make changes to the look at the striping and color combinations.

On Vario CW, AHM provides a new striping fashionable concept, advanced, and exclusive. Vario CW comes in a choice of four colors: black velvet, red glam, posh white, pink and slink. Vario CW will be priced at USD 14.3 million (on the road DKI Jakarta).

While refresher for Honda Vario Techno CBS performed by providing an advanced-concept futuristic new striping. Vario Display this looks more luxurious and classy. AHM marketing it with the price of USD 15.79 million (on the road DKI Jakarta). Especially for this one is no decline in price.

In addition, the refreshment was also applied to the new color combinations on some parts such as rear grab and handle cover. For body color, the Vario Techno CBS has three color variants, ie black comet, aurora violet, white Andromeda

SPESIFIKASI Honda VFR 1200F | Datang Di India

SPESIFIKASI Honda VFR 1200F | Datang Di India

Honda motorcycles in India to make a buzz by marketing the VFR motor gede 1200F newly introduced in Japan late in 2009. VFR 1200F go on sale this month at a price of Rp 337 million.

"VFR 1200F is a combination of touring and sport for upper-class consumers in India who actively follow the developments outside," said Shinji Aoyama, President & CEO of Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd, in a release.

According to Aoyama, big motorcycles are manufactured at Honda's most advanced factory in Kumamoto, Japan. 1200F VFR is a bike trip with the concept of customer needs. This motor also adopt the technology state-of-the-art.

According to Honda, the design team is creating an exciting touring motorcycle and have the ability to roam far enough. This VFR V4 capacity of 1237 cc liquid-cooled and equipped with fuel injection system.

Attendance VFR 800 VFR 1200F replace the legendary and also Honda CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird in India. He was once listed as the first Honda motorcycle that uses dual technology Clucths transmission (DCT).

System-by-wire throttle which makes the VFR unique incredible responsive and have a smooth acceleration at all engine speed ranges.

No wonder if this moge prices can be more expensive than the Honda All New Jazz.

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Satria 2001| Diubah Menjadi BMW GX650

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Satria 2001| Diubah Menjadi BMW GX650

Ryan Tony Prabowo Jati had a 2001 Suzuki Satria which, if used day-to-day a little "uncomfortable". Because, right now is his time era four-stroke engine, while the steed two-stroke. Roads used for convenience, changed display.

Passion, much like BMW Suzuki GX650 magic that resembles SuperMoto. Options on made German manufacturers, he said, had two impressions, that is sporty and elegant.

Incidentally he Wardoyo builder rich conference experience. And to realize the desire Ryan, starting from the middle frame to the back trimmed up and make new bone. "This raised the motor frame," explained Wardoyo from hanging 2Wheel Custom in Cinere, Depok, West Java.

From the experience of handling various flow modification, when touching the rear is not difficult. Combined with the standard swing arm sokbreker Suzuki GSX 1000. Could pass for having made a new bracket holder and sokbreker unitrack reduce the maximum and does not vanish when the ride.

There are interesting from the middle of the middle frame. Original frames remain trusted by Ryan as a matter of the original made in the factory. "So, I still made the order that resembles the original BMW GX order as the original," said Wardoyo.

While sokbreker have a Suzuki DR400 front mounted so that the damping so soft. Unfortunately, the distance is limited turn handlebars. A little trouble when crossing traffic, called Ryan who worked in the oil drilling in Indramayu, West Java.

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Spin 125 2009 | X-Treem Harian

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Spin 125 2009 | X-Treem Harian

Consumer willingness modikator as desired. Yes, make motors that remain eligible for MODIF daily. Not just contezt! That proved Raynaldo Handoko on Bobby's Suzuki Spin 125, consumers who live in areas Tembalang Diponegoro University, Semarang, Central Java.

"Demand Bobby was like that. Not merely good in appearance, but also comfortable to wear daily, "says the owner of BJM Modified workshop on Jl. Sudirman, No. 128, Semarang, Central Java

Concept promoted to skubek bearing manufacturers 'S', low rider. But again, low rider daily. Hence, to be consistent with the concept, backdated from the standard engine mounting. Wheel base, increased length of 25 cm.

"Engine pipe mounting regenerated using 3x4 cm box. But, so rigid and strong, the pipe was coated with iron plate thickness 4 mm, "said the man was 28 years.

In order to look more and more sweet, engine mounting no covered fiberglass. Thus, the withdrawal process engine is not too flashy. Not only the engine and the wheels are back, but the model also join taxable touch pretentious.

Now, it adopted a model skubek monosock true. Yes, monosock which is in the middle frame and engine. It's no longer on the left side rear. For his own ass, take the brand to Yamaha Jupiter MX135 YSS.

Under quasi holder, placed in the engine mounting. Who's grip on the ass, embracing a model which is positioned at the center pin chassis. Plate holder is made of 6 mm.
Finish holder and backing wheel base, new problems arise. Namely, the carburetor is stuck order. Eit, but this is quickly overcome Handoko. "I changed the direction of the carburetor through the intake used Honda Supra replacement and played a little. So, now garnish direction to the right side, "I am a man who has a website

The final step, of course wheels. Low rider, baseball seemed to be complete if you cool wheel applications. Thus, adopting Handoko Honda Genio rim to the front. Genio is the diameter of the can rim 14 inches and width 4 inches customed again.

Moderate rear rim, rim wear Suzuki Jimny cricket. "The diameter of the same, but have a width of 8 inches. My custom again be 7 inches. So if we are using 160/60-14 tires, could be more rounded, "said a man who was 5 years old playing this modification. Sip!


Front tire: 120/60-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Exhaust: Password
Gas spontaneously: Kitaco
Raiser handlebars: Kitaco
Airs next: Variations Thailand
BJM Modified: 0812-2888-122

SPESIFIKASI Norton | Bakal Ramaikan MotoGP

SPESIFIKASI Norton | Bakal Ramaikan MotoGP

New regulations in 2012 which swell the MotoGP engine capacity of 800 cc (now) be 1000 cc, it seems to be reaping the results. Rumors, there are three new plants, the origin of the three countries will take part.

Manufacturers Aprilia (Italy) and BMW (Germany) earliest rumored to want to go into MotoGP. Moreover, today both are again fighting in the Superbike world championship with a capacity of 1000 cc motorcycle mainstay. Means, both of whom are doing research work.

One again, a British motorcycle manufacturer Norton is again considering premium class of the MotoGP arena groundbreaking for the 2012 season. Even next year, he already began to follow the national championship and the British Superbike world championships.

Even according to appropriate sources believed, the Norton has been met with Drona, a promoter which is said to have set the MotoGP racer for two seasons in 2012.

Norton is not a new player in the motor racing scene. They already participate in the Grand Prix Motor since 1949. Even more than that, since 1907 has been glide in the most prestigious arena in the UK Isle of Man.

Well, if it's true that all three manufacturers so appear, it means that in 2012 there were seven teams manufacturers, namely, Yamaha, Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia, BMW, Norton.

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki KLX150 2009 | The Scrambler-Poser

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki KLX150 2009 | The Scrambler-Poser

Those who understand the world of motorcycles, must title is philosophically very contradictory. Scrambler aka the climbers trail extreme street course different habitats with the flow like pose poser famous soap dust, and avoid riding daily behavior.

All that visited workshop epithet R-59 Racing through intention if owner Ergus aka R-Gus and mechanical Hary Anggi. Here's the story, they can be brand new motor, KLX150. Body-street trail makes this bike suitable for heavy duty and dual pupose. "If want modifed mostly for such purpose or further thicken the aroma of sports," explained R-Gus.

For them it's all boring! In short, the concept of direct tryed trail-poser. In the framework of the sector, KLX already qualified and did not need much dismantled. Clothes and legs are so aesthetic point of departure. "Ground clearance of the motor should be higher than the original. For that purpose there shall be substituted the front tomorrow, "they explained. Upside down YZ125 so coveted. Moderate rear modifi nothing doing things with.

KLX appearance of that choice certainly changed a lot. The more muscular, origin workshop Ciputat, Tangerang is changing the front-rear wheel so SuperMoto true. 130/70-17 and 120/70-17 tires selected by 3-inch rear rim and 2 inches in front.

Talk poser start when talking about the body. R-Gus and Harry discuss aesthetics ikwal Airbrush art by Tomy who love tribal designs and fancy graphics. Tomy tastes seem to play a lot. Candy colors, delicate carvings and makes this bike is unique. Em-Plus got the impression his own! Varnish tends to smooth and thick make nock not dazzle. We think thats extraordinary ride!.

There are hidden from their customized behavior. workshop him being the pilot piston brand Thai CPI measures 61.5 mm. Piston was able to boost the capacity of a 175 cc engine.

Unfortunately, population size is still 15 mm piston CPl. So when it entered into must be elevated wear KLX boss. Kan pen hole 14 mm piston KLX standards, "explained R-Gus who consider potential because they do not need sleep crankcase, boring and just not replace just orter.

Then blended again, the valve in 30 mm and 24 mm standard ex karbu coupled with the already rely on the standard ignition BRT Dual Band. Noken cuted and compression set as 4.12: 1.

increasingly nice rear gear made more severe through the reduction of two eyes. Result, the motor under the stern and above. Rpm can be up to 12 000.


Tires: Swallow
Rims: Suzuki Thunder 250
Handlebar: Fat Bars Kitaco
Exhaust: LD Racing
Front brake: Suzuki Thunder 250th
CDI: BRT Dual Band
Taillights: LED
Handlebars fatbar: Kitaco
Braking: Kosso



Wow! Yamaha authorized dealer selling motor modifications. Could be reprimanded PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) as ATPM Yamaha. Then, how about the warranty. Would still be claimed

Look at his dealership in Kintamani Yamaha Motor on Jl. Tuban, No.88 Weather, which make appear like Yamaha Mio Sporty Fino. "Of course for sale. But, not sold, but purely promotional merchandise. Just to show that it was delicious and easy Mio modifed," surely Charles Son, chairman of Kintamani Motor.

Easy indeed be the key to be able to make an appearance Mio Fino so stylish like this. "Understandably, only a few bracket or holder to adjust the body," explained Charles.

Let me look more different, friendly man was also deliberately chose a color that is not the market. "The most that I encountered was a creamy body Fino. Well, I wore a light blue color is due to be funnier and baseball market," he added.

Also so for wheels. A funny body shape was deemed fit if you use wheels with 12 inch circumference. "As a result prospective buyers become increasingly tempted to immediately membo yong Mio. There was a positive effect," please Charles.

Yeah, too!


Rim: Daiichi
Tires: Tire Deli 90/9012
Sok back: Posh
Exhaust: Daytona
Bodi set: Yamaha Fino
Kintamani Motor: (0361) 8563899

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki V-Strom 650 XP

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki V-Strom 650 XP

Suzuki V-Strom England launched 650 XP (Expedition), motor large (moge) to venture off-road terrain, Thursday (19/08/2010). New model which is a facelift of the V-Strom ABS who have got the touch so that it looks so sturdy and more practical.

For example, two boxes of aluminum with a total load capacity of 82 liters, the engine, hand protectors, the middle standard, and protector of the aluminum engine oil tanks.

"V-Strom is a very popular model for us, and so pleased to be able to offer the new model, although with a little extra. Even so, it looks so much more muscular and more practical," said David Taylor, Director of Marketing Suzuki UK. Marketed at a price more than USD 100 million, continued David, made a very special price.

Suzuki V-Strom 650 XPEDITION designed in 2010 it has undergone several improvements, for a complete accessory and an unmatched value. Motor features a black aluminum box with a total of 82 liters capacity, also features a protective tangan.Suzuki V-Strom 650 XPEDITION version is designed for comfortable and safe performance.  

This motor has an extra fuel tank 22 liter (5.8 gal.) And strong acceleration in every gear shift. Suzuki V-Strom 650 XPEDITION version combines versatile performance with the agility of interest. This is an unparalleled flexibility. It has a light weight and agile, while the smooth suspension front and rear position very well to all situations berkendara.

Direktur Suzuki sales and marketing, David Taylor said "V-Strom 650 still is a very popular model for us, so we are very pleased to offers a new model with the addition of a powerful and practical ". Diisaratkan, the motor is expected to be released in the market at a price of Rp. 101 850 000, -. As for the choice of color, this bike is available with Max Candy Orange and Oort Grey 

Engine: 645 cc, four-stroke, liquid cool, 90 degree V-twin, DOHC, 8-valveBore & Stroke: 81.0 x 62.6 mmCompression ratio: 11.5:1Fuel System: Fuel InjectionLubrication: WetIgnition: Digital / transistorizedStarter: ElectricTransmission: 6-speed

Regarding colors, there are two options, namely Ps Candy Orange and Oort Grey Metallic.

MODIFIKASI Honda BeAT "08 | Modifikasi Untuk Agustusan

MODIFIKASI Honda BeAT "08 | Modifikasi Untuk Agustusan

The independence of Indonesia have reached the age of 65 years. Hendra Setiawan spirit of celebrating the Independence Anniversary this year by modifying the appropriate motor favorite shades of red and white.

Honda Beat devirate year 2008 this had indeed had a high nationalism and had to be different from the dominance of typical red and white Indonesian flag colors.

"Could be, fitting seven dozen houses I do not need to put the flag again, simply display this bike just in front of the house," Hendra told detikOto joke some time ago.

Just a glimpse is seen, the motor that is used everyday this Hendra does look fit and clean with strokes of red and white color that mingle with polished chrome in some parts.

Meanwhile, for the legs, Hendra entrust Works brand of shock in the rear to make the BEAT become more climb again. Both suspensions at the foot of the Japanese motors are then combined with matching rim radius and the disk of dense discs and calipers from the ATC.

Do not forget for a little narcissistic, Hendra Hens had put his initials on the side of the rear motor. "Hens abbreviation of Hendra Setiawan. Can not you a little narcissistic," he said

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul | Boros Sokbreker

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul | Boros Sokbreker

Modified skutik stylish low rider is no longer exceptional work. Yamaha Mio Soul, 2008 Including owned Anggi Saputra. But, there is an interesting part of the display have skutik honorariums Jasa Marga Bandar Lampung.

Try to count, how many sokbreker In total, there are eight shock absorbers. "No problem spendthrift wasteful. For it to function for added comfort when driving," said Anggi.

Anywhere in the position? What is clear there are four sokbreker front, each of two right and two left. "Who's there behind sokbreker two tube model," he added. which is quite unique, he added, shock absorbers under two are parallel to withdraw-withdraw.

According Anggi, become more comfortable bike ride after two sokbreker posted below. "Rear wheels seem to be more stable," he said.

Typically, the axle set back more than 25 cm, hard to get good stability. If it were so, there continues to control the poor. Hence, Anggi willing to buy extravagant ass because his bike so comfortable and safe driving.

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul ’08 Surabaya

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul ’08 Surabaya

Matic motor output see the latest trends and also trends modifications are turning to custom create a retro style of the Indah Jaya Hendrick Motor Surabaya build again a variation of the store's mascot-style Yamaha Fino Thailand.

Yamaha Mio Soul-Based Rearrangement just need some bolt holder body in the chest and the back cover to apply a full body set of the Yamaha Fino is imported directly from the land of Thailand.

Handlebar also taken an innate set of Fino all handlebar bracket. "Not too difficult in the installation because the base frame body setnya Yamaha Yamaha Mio Fino and did not differ far," said store owner who also provides a variety of full body set of the Yamaha Fino with different shades and colors.

His name is also the store's mascot variations, the legs shall perform a full aseso. Unique monoblock alloy wheels 12 "tires wrapped Deli make increasingly look cute. Schok front and back, disc, cover and exhaust CVT also looking slang typical motor thanks to the latest aseso Thailand. | ADT

Rim: Monoblock 12 ", BAN: Delityre 90/90/12-120/70/12, SCHOK: X-Speed - YSS, discs: Trusty, CVT COVER: X-Speed, exhaust: CPK, modifier: Indah Jaya Motor West Indah Raya Darmo Surabaya F-48 (0811321999)

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja R ’03 Batu

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja R ’03 Batu

Hurray for M. Arief alias Pethex's who remained faithful to fly the trend Otre racing style. "I purposely lift back to the trend Racing Thai Style Otre appear once in early 2002 a moment ago was showing Thai Ninja full tank fierce," said arek Jl.Diponegoro Stone III.

Real cute, this time a '02 Ninja devirate conceptualized attractive with old Thai-style racing trend cut tank. cutting traveled with a slashing cut grinding aid on the side of the gas tank, then the result is closed cutting 0.8 mm galvanized plate with the help of welding asitelin.

"What is important when doing cutting tank, tank conditions must be absolutely free of gasoline, diesel fuel can be rinsed or dried in time to avoid the danger of explosion of the tank," commanded Petex's.

Cool finished working on the gas tank, turn body styling dressed. Kinclong chrome plated frame damaged, then the legs are also addressed with my perfect racing wheels wrapped products Anyar Thailand knobby tires bald.

Let the aura shine more spur horse, the bridge face accidentally anti lamp trondol contrived and fenders. handlebar was also evicted blue variation of the position of handlebar assembly bent into the gas tank narrow signifies the spirit of street drag bike.

"His name for the show only, not a lot of runways that tune up the kitchen, simply transplant piston TDR products, improve product wear BRT ignition and exhaust modifications MDD custom style," lid Petex's. | Tito / ADT

Rim: DBS, BAN: Swallow Drag Blaster, exhaust: MDD by Sikin, Stang: Posh, chrome: Eternal Klayatan, CAT: Kardiac Black, modifier: Modified Pe'e Jl.Jeruk 73 Bumiaji Stone

MODIFIKASI Honda Mega Pro 2006

MODIFIKASI Honda Mega Pro 2006

Working on modifications made not have to rely solely removable moge waste. With capital removable local motor parts, modification of the display can also be maximized and deserve more appreciation. It's not impossible to be realized ..!

Precisely this is difficult to work on motors with a total of just relying on the modification of local goods. "The point of origin wily'll find gaps remain visible cool modification results," Hery Saifuloh compact and Wardoyo, builder of the workshop G2C, in Gandul, Cinere, Depok

The proof of this change can be realized through Mega Pro modific Riandaru cah Jogja's original. Mega Pro changed the total concept change similar new Ducati 848. "Incidentally motorcycle owners cooperative, so long as the process can be run as the concept of progress," said Wardoyo.

Tricks in order local parts content can appear maximal, strategy with the framework and changes made for slim body. Mean change in motor dimensions are still the original Mega Pro reliably, not made stretchy or greater

Examples such as wheelbase, although reliably custom swing arm whose designs have changed completely but still follows the original dimensions of congenital motor. Moreover, the owner of motorcycle tire tread wear cool averse.

To look extreme, a tubular chassis frame was added. This new bone stuck in the middle between comstir and chassis. "The model is similar to a Ducati 848 but the dimensions of baseball too big," continued Wardoyo

Extra slim frame size also influenced the design of the tank. Baseball tank deliberately made large not let loose with a choice of legs that are still standard.

While the front tomorrow, selected freelance from Yamaha V-Ixion. Although the model is not upside down but larger and more pretentious okay than Pro Mega standards. "Suitable for the concept of change sports with the fairing ¾ as well as changes that have done this," said Hery Saifuloh.

Body rear motor also makes the display look more and more extreme, owing to replicate the Ducati 848 tail design that baseball is too thick. Moreover, the model also made undertail exhaust, two funnel silincer body as the rear flank.


Front tires: 100/80/17 Swallow
Rear tire: 130/70-17 Swallow
Sok back: Suzuki Satria YSS
Rim: Sprint
G2C: (021) 46,427,753

MODIFIKASI Suzuki skywave 125 2009

MODIFIKASI Suzuki skywave 125 2009

Suzuki Skywave 125 low rider homage is actually normal. Or arguably obsolete. That's because the changes made to the axle with limited playing still maintains the standards body.

Especially for the time being, those who worked on the display has a lot of low rider with a great body custom. So, if there is feel enough to play with the standard body, it really has not cuy season.
Suzuki Skywave 125 low rider homage is actually normal. Or arguably obsolete. That's because the changes made to the axle with limited playing still maintains the standards body.

Especially for the time being, those who worked on the display has a lot of low rider with a great body custom. So, if there is feel enough to play with the standard body, it really was not the season cuy

Eg for business rim. Anton not rim wear market. "I made myself with referring to a community model Harley-Davidson (HD). Certainly this model is very rare," added the man this tasseled.

Although the size of the palm of a rim is not too wide, but with a specific form of course have the power. "Especially with neat finishing and coating nickel, hence the rim is so very classy," adds Anton. Oh yes, for the position of the rear wheels had retreated 25 cm compared to the initial conditions

It's the same with the exhaust and handlebars. "Basically I want to look simple but actually quite point," said Erwin Dwi motorcycle owner chimed.

Long, straight exhaust model is to be reinforced a theme that also has a large influence. Exhaust and steering was purely the work of Anton. "These two parts also fit the theme of low rider," added this skinny guy.

For the body, it only makes sepatbor Anton front and rear. But, do not take lightly the influence of this sepatbor. By choosing an appropriate model, then it could make this Skywave be so very low rider.

Anton akses result proves that impression with a simple but perfect harmony and detail it will look attractive.

For business color and Anton Erwin agreed to use fresh or color they think is fresh. "Therefore we choose the color green, but a plain baseball," Erwin said that to leave the painting to the workshop on FIM two handyman, South Jakarta.

But surely not just green. Graphic airbrush touch also required. "This way even if the body is still the standard but it looks like customed," added Erwin.

Who agreed motive was more towards the selected graphic. Simple model with effects boxes. "The motive is given sepatbor front and rear. And next to the rear of the body," he added.

The execution model of the effect is not as simple boxes that shadowed.Karena with a special technique so that it looks as if the motive in three dimensions.


Front rim: Custom 5x14 inches
Front tire: 140/60-14 Swallow
Rear rim: Custom 7x14 inches
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Ton's Crome: (021) 7392471



Since buying this RR Ninja in 2003, Son Kamalludin already dreaming of a ride like motor racing. Even more so if the characters match the expectations Ninja Son. But it also could be confused which way the body changes must be made.

Finally, after passing through a long thought, design or style of the jockeys riding in the GP125 class of dragonflies alias reference. "Because besides my racing dream match, model like that make the motor feel like this forever," said Son.

Indeed this form, although looking a little thick but still pay attention to elements of aerodynamics. So also with looking forward. Balapa force behind the front area would also dong.

"I do not have to bother with, live applications jenong windshield models were also used in the GP in the same class,"said member of the Jogja Got Ninja (Jpn), which has 012 members this number.

Because lust had been really to look like the drivers even though doi bodied youth was not dark, Son modific jor-fishing rod in the body. "Because that's the most important so vague its standard form," said the man was 24 years.

For example, modifications to the fairing sector. Such an addition waterscoop create a more sporty bike. Plus the installation of the frame slider on the side. "That to protect the frame only if the fall but do not let happen ah, love my on this bike," said a student of UGM, this Yogyakarta.

In addition you will look more eye catching black base body given green accents. "Black and green made such a checkered flag at the bottom of the fairing," he added. If the official language chequered flag.

So also with the addition of placing stickers that smelled of a variety of racing products. "But, my principles, because baseball's tacky stickers are stuck to it at the right place and the product actually used in these motorcycles," said again.

Son's baseball just stuck on the extent of the display. "Because, it was also embarrassed when asked again on the road then eh motorcycle speeding sluggish.'s Useless," he added.

Therefore, for example, only he would change garnish with Keihin 34 Sudco. "Also use the V Force membrane so that its pull is more stable," he said.

Can motor racing but can not stop things that would be avoided by him. "That's why the front brake instead of using a Cagiva Mito, which uses Brembo four piston. Definitely more grip," said this bespectacled man.

While for the sector's legs, single swing arm design is very tempting Son. "But, of course, selected a size not too big and harmonious with a slim body Ninja like this," said men who also do business this advertising.

Slim impression is a must for motor racing which prioritizes the display like this. Motor Fair has become the mascot community in the City of Gudeg this Ninja.


Front tire: 80/90-17 FDR
Belakaang Tires: 120/70-17 FDR
Brake clutch: Daytona
Exhaust: CMS
Radiator: Cagiva Planet
Handlebar: NSR Hornet
Son: 0856-2935-762

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