honda cbr 250rr mugen picture Honda CBR 250 RR Mugen

At the launch of the Honda CBR 250R in Centera Grand on Wednesday (27/10/2010), Honda Motor Co. (HMC), displaying more than five units and one of the following engine exhaust that looks jeroannya. Of the five motorcycle sport, three of whom had received a light touch or modified.

Interestingly, one of which works far better mugen which is identical to the modified four-wheel-owned Honda. From pengamanatan, changes only to the body, while the engine is not obtained concrete data because the HMC does not provide information.

Touch that made Mugen looked at knalpot model that can boost energy. To confirm as a sport bike, black berkelir given lip red rim reads Mugen.

In the body, the fairing given wind patterns that pull the red line with sepatbor front and connects with the saddle wrapped in red leather. Finally, make the rider footrests replaced a more sporty and the top of the tank is given a golden color.

While honda CBR 250R mugen, Honda claim the other one alone (original equipment performance Honda). The touch is done is more in appearance.

As exhaust protector, the standard model is replaced with carbon fiber material. Standard footrests rider was racing style. Then, cover the left and right engine protector given, adjusted to grip the gas tank and fairing the color red, including cap also houses the brake oil.

To the front, just sepatbor being replaced with carbon fiber material. Second grip design mirror also changed.
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Honda Motorcycle New Latest 2010

2008 Honda Interceptor VFR800FI ABS / VFR800A

Honda Interceptor VFR800FI ABS / VFR800A

2000 Honda Rc51 Custom Motorcycle After

Custom 2000 Honda RC51 Sport Bike

Honda CBR1000RR for India

Honda may bring CBR1000RR and another superbike to India

With the launch of these bikes, each likely to cost upwards of Rs 10 lakh, Honda would be following the other two Japanese majors, Yamaha and Suzuki who recently launched high-end motorcycles in India.

Among the superbikes that Honda plans to launch in India, one major attraction would be the CBR1000RR. Honda is considering the launch of its 1,000cc model CBR1000RR in India and another bike which will be above 800cc. More details are awaited. The Honda CBR1000RR is also called the Fireblade in some markets. The Honda CBR1000RR is a 999 cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder motorcycle that produces 178 hp (133 kW) beginning at 12,000 rpm.

Suzuki recently launched its legendary Hayabusa and Intruder M1800R, both priced at Rs 12.5 lakh.

The bikes are expected to hit dealerships in India during this financial year itself. Both motorcycles will be imported as completely built units, hence the high price.

It is expected that the big bikes from Honda will be displayed for sale at exclusive stores in the four metros initially. It will later on expand taking into account serviceability and other issues.

Meanwhile, it has also been said that Honda will introduce a new model in the mass market category of 100-150 cc in the same time period. The mass market category bike will be launched before March next year. The mass market motorbike from Honda is likely be powered by a 125cc engine. HMSI already has Unicorn motorcycle in the 150cc segment and Shine and CBF Stunner motorbikes in the 125cc segments. The company plans to sell a total of 10,00,000 bikes in India in the current fiscal.

Honda’s unveiling of the super bikes would give the Indian bike market an added charm as it has already been strengthened by the presence of Suzuki’s Hayabusa and Intruder M1800 as well as Yamaha’s high profile models such as Super Sports YZF-R1 and the Torque Sports MT01. These are priced at Rs 10.50 lakh.

New Modification Motorcycle 2010

The motorcycle is named Duu. You must wonder where it came from and who the maker? Big bike (MOGE) was crafted by CR & S (Cafe Racing & Sport), a motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy. And this is a homemade hand Duu to be produced is limited in 2011 at a price of about 25,900 U.S. dollars.

Listened from the display, this vehicle combines the typical stocky muscular naked bike America (streetfighter) and European styles. Duu given name - derived from the Italian language - means "Two" which is reflected in the design of the seat (can be to get a free ride, though small, but can be folded) and the machine.

This is the desire of the "mature" motorcyclist, WHO demands certainty, continuity and a top-value in terms of design and technology.Be Prepared to indulge your passion for Exclusivity and value for money.

The Duu, a motorcycle to satisfy a sophisticated and intuitive market of enthusiasts Who Are Aware of Things That Their meet needs and are made to last.
The Duu, never neglecting the vital aspects of a "premium" motorcycle: emotion and character.

The Duu is powered by a 1.916 cc X-Wedge engine developing over 1995 horsepower and 140 Nm (103.3 lb.ft.) of torque from 2500 to 4700 rpm. The pushrod engine includes two valves per cylinder head with hydraulic self-adjustment, and three belt-driven camshafts (one intake and two exhaust).

The structural components are made in carbon, while the rest are made in VTR, ABS or carbon. The gas tank is divided in two parts: the chassis' backbone and the seat holder box structure. In Addition to this, EACH introduced new options will of some 100% retrofittable on EACH Duu.

For cardiac pacemaker, Duu given X-Edge engine 1916 cc V-Twin which has a maximum power of 95 HP with 140 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4700 rpm. Keistimewan machine specially made home modifications to S & S to commemorate the 50th birthday, designed each cylinder has two valves stems and three belt Noken as a player (one smoked, two exhaust).

The options list includes a lot of high quality hand made components, Such as the front light, the fake gas tanks with storage function, the GPS holder and folding windshield (CR & S patent), the passenger comfort seats, the folding passenger back seat, the oil tank with light alloy machined fins, the belly pan, the CR & S light alloy wheels machined from solid wheels, the SBK break disks, the different seat covers, the aluminum filler cap's cover, different chassis finishes, different graphics and body finishes, and the powertrain finishes.

Several possibilities are available configuration Concerning the look, from EACH component's color, to the chassis and the wheels finishes. The powertrain's color cans even be chosen. A customized Engraved silver plate Gives the final touch.

Many structural components are made of carbon materials and high quality handmade results. Like the front lights, gas tank, GPS and glass folding handle (patent had a CR & S), which can be folded passenger seat, disc brakes superbike models and more.

Both wheels use a very light alloy wheels wrapped in black rubber, large size. Interestingly, exhaust design is very simple and does not interfere with the impression naked. Then the exhaust tip dual model under the back foot. Can-can be melted shoes.

New Modification Motorcycle Mille 3 2010 | Supermoto Edition Husqvarna

Fame with the model of motocross, Husqvarna also interested to play in the segment supermoto. Through BMW Mille 3 subsidiaries are COBE show results.

Mille 3 seconded engine with 933 cc three-cylinder cooling system design that is unusual. Husqvarna put a cooling system on the two-cylinder, while another one was placed on the vertical cylinder.

However autoevolution on Friday (11/12/2010) launch, the German manufacturer is still inspired motocross design on Mille 3. But his rim and brake had been applied supermoto style, so did the use of jumbo-sized tires.

You could say this is a pretty strange business activity that is reminiscent of the giant Japanese company, Mitsubishi, which has many branches of business. Start of electronic equipment and electrical, chemical industry, automotive, aircraft, even if not many people know the brand Nikon camera is one of them.

Currently all business activities Husqvarna run separately. While the motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy itself is now owned by BMW since three years ago.

A strange path, but certainly no Stranger Than Their latest unveiling: the Mille three concept bikes. Unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, the Mille 3 straddles the division Between cruiser and sport bike about as widely as the rider Would its low-slung seat. The handlebars are taken from an off-road bike, while the foot Pegs sit far back like those on a sport bike.

Power is provided by a 933cc fuel-injected three-cylinder engine, but it's the design That sets it apart. Husqvarna says it indicates they're "always ahead of the game", but exactly what the game That Might be is a mystery to us.

holder capable of turning the eye and tease the audience. How could I not. Dragbike style blend design, supermoto and trial (read; trayel). The three characters are painted from motorcycle low ground clearance (due to a long wheelbase) and this is typical of dragbike. Then a model supermoto reflect sepatbor front, while rear seat design is so strong following the style of the trial.

This time Husqvarna ready to display their latest creations in the form of concept motorcycle that will be displayed at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy. Creative, named Mille 3 this concept is a 'crossover' in-class bike that is a combination of cruiser and sport bike models.

Low seat position like chopper, tank hardly looks like a trail bike, while the steering handlebars taken over from off-road motorcycle, with the footrests back as far back like a sport bike.

The chassis is made of steel with a central design tubone. For the hind legs are made of aluminum material.

The distance between two wheels on the bike this concept far enough, and saddle also has a fairly low altitude. However, the sophisticated braking system, adjustable suspension, dual exhaust system and a powerful, makes Mille Husqvarna 3 withdrawal like a true sport bike. The position of the footrests are in place slightly to the rear, and handlebar-like off-road motorcycle handlebar make rider posture looks energetic and aggressive.

Aura motocross seat still exist thanks to the use of extra thin, high performance brake system, adjustable suspension, twin exhaust, handlebars and footrests and similar off-road motorcycles.

Husqvarna claims Mille 3 is a combination of emotion, curiosity, anti compromises are made in one bentuk.Namun do not expect Mille 3 will soon exist in showrooms Husqvarna, because European manufacturers were not intending to produce it.

New Modification Motorcycles Extreme 2010

Modifier of this one is the most good if you were told to dismantle the motor. Moreover, the smell of racing style modification. not be overlooked anymore reputation. And indeed the average arable home modifications modif Automodified Lent (LA), this was predictable, the edges are always synonymous with style racing

Even so, Adhi 'Siwe' Wicaksono Danukusuma secretly crave with spirits streetfighter motorcycle. Armed with V-Ixion publication in 2009 owned Yuong Kurniawan which incidentally is the brother-in-law itself, the idealist project was soon released.

"Motor streetfighter tend to have a frightening impression. And I want to make a figure V-Ixion who tend to look emaciated to be more manly. It can be seen through the debris at the foot-leg and upper body. I hope this bike will be more visible from above as well as muscular down, "supreme leader appointed the LA garage, this Probolinggo.

"Waste moge have qualities that far above the product variations. In addition, in view of waste moge also more prestigious," said builder who again hobby of photography about the components of choice for the legs.

GSX600 arm mounting headache enough. "To be fitted with a normal and safe, we modify the framework of the sector. How to add 'meat' at arm's house. So, the house arm in order width each 3 cm to the left and right," he explained

Siwe also dismantle all-out body sector. Starting from deltabox, the trick to create one from fiberglass. Dimensions of course adjust the width of the swing-arm.

Likewise with the tank design that also made a little wild. "Let me add a frightening impression that I want to highlight," point out the open garage builder in the area of Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No.. 93, Probolinggo.

A perfect combination!

Streetfighter-style bikes usually also synonymous with added head lamp design and a model that has frightening. "Initially my thoughts to apply a small head lamp projector nan concise. But, on the way, seemed less match. Less comfortable with this projector head lamp," added artificial Ninja 250R.

After hunting on the internet, Siwe decided to pinch-owned Suzuki Hayabusa head lamp. If installed once wrote, would result is less interesting. So Siwe necessarily make shell made from fiber. Proffered design lines deliberately tailored to the new look.

Have a cool design, the shell is also inserted a small lamp sein. This indicates that Siwe also consider the element of safety riding.


Front tire: 120/70-17 Michelin
Rear tire: 190/50-17 Michelin
Front rim: Yamaha R1 3.5 inches
Rear rim: 6.5-inch Yamaha R1
Airs next: Upside down Yamaha R1
Sok back: Suzuki GSX600
Head lamp: Hayabusa
Gear: Vortex
Muffler: Nobi

New Modification Motorcycle Elegant 1200 Supermoto For Aprilia

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Aprilia, Aprilia launches Dorsoduro supermoto newer generation of 1200. Variants was highest in the breed Dorsoduro is claimed as new reference in the maxi motard class.

As reported by, Monday (8 / 11), Aprilia launched the new supermoto on the mat EICMA International Motorcycle Show 2010 which took place in Milan, Italy, November 2 to 7.

Sources in the manufacturer's call, Dorsoduro 1200 using the model framework as well as Ducati Trellis.

While called Dorsoduro 1200 carrying the 1200 cc engine, the V-twin with four valves per cylinder, DOHC, electronic fuel injection and fitted. Engine cooling system using liquid oxygen.

Claimed that big machine capable of spraying power 130 horsepower at 8700 rpm and maximum torque of 115, two Newton meters (Nm) at 7200 rpm. Engine throttle control system uses a system of drive-by-wire, a result bursts of air and fuel into the combustion chamber more perfect place

Especially as a cigarette lighter burning, motor that uses dual spark plugs. So that power is more powerful produced.Power generated at the wheels through a transmission channel into six levels of acceleration.

Braking system uses brake discs Brembo radial calliper model dual wheels front and single disc rear wheel. However, Aprilia offers devices Antilock Brake System (ABS) with Aprilia plus Traction Control (ATC).

Interestingly, ATC device that offers three levels of traction control which is adjusted with the motor dynamics and desires of the rider.

Another advantage offered three choices Dorsoduro 1200 is driving style. All three are sports, touring, and rain.Sport can be selected when the motorcycle rider wants extreme driving style with great energy. While touring to choose if they want a more relaxed driving style for touring.

The rain can be selected when the driver crossed the wet road or in the rain but still want the motor power being at the top or the range of 100 horsepower.

Some updates done to the body. Starting from the matching paint on the tail fairing, frame two colors, and dual exhaust head with a black cover. Also the addition of new features ranging from using a caliper Brembo braking system, hydraulic clutch, Ride by Wire with three characters drive (rain, touring and sport) and Matrix indicator panel with computerized systems.

In addition, Aprilia has also added an additional feature options (optional) ABS braking system and Aprilia Traction Control (ATC) in order to increase security. When functioning, ATC provides three traction settings as desired choice riders.

The following Technical Specifications Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200:
* The new engine double cylinder with a slope of 90 °, four valves per cylinder, DOHC, liquid-cooled two spark plugs and ignition system
* Three choices drive from Ride by Wire technology (Sport, Touring and Rain)
* Electronic fuel injection (EFI);
* Mixed gear / chain valve timing system;
* System settings exhaust with catalytic converter and oxygen sensor;
* Ranga modular style with super light weight steel materials make optimal stiffness
* Handle Aluminum seat;
* Aluminum swing arm with shock-style lateral;
* Front fork with 43 mm upside shock that can be arranged and design piggy-back monoshock at the rear;
* Racing braking system from Brembo with radial caliper.

New Exodus 2010 Ferrari Bicycles

Ferrari also make a good motorcycle tricycle. Eeiit ... wait a minute. Vehicle you see is not made from the Prancing Horse's headquarters, but the creativity of a man from Yokohama, Japan, which has transformed into a Ferrari Suzuki Hayabusa Trike.

He did not mention the name of the modifier, but his work was to answer this question for a convicted person if moge Suzuki is not good if modified. In fact, Ferrari would not want to appreciate the creativity that is similar to Ferrari's racing cars.

The resemblance is not just from Rosso Corsa paint color. Notice that given sepatbor front wing. So is the back. Then, snout F1 applied to the front lights that are attached to the shield.

Three-wheeled vehicle has not been tested so it can not be explained details about power, maximum speed, and acceleration 0-100 km / hour. Including changes to the engine and the legs.

Ferrari Party saw this gives appreciation and have spoken with modifikator, okay. It's just a matter of mass production is not given the green light from the headquarters in Italy, let alone sell it. However, Ferrari was already mejeng Trike at the Tokyo Motor Show last year.

Modification Motorcycle Big Couper

Not just car manufacturers who could hold the world of fashion, but also motorcycles, aka motorcycle.

Yamaha recently introduced its collaboration with world renowned fashion brand, Hermes. This cooperation is manifested into the V-Max.

Yamaha V-Max which has performed so stylish cool transformed by Hermes with its component parts are wrapped in leather.

For example, the buffalo leather-coated engine, the tank, seat, mudguard, lamp cover, exhaust silencers, and grip are all covered with high-grade leather.

"We want to combine the engine and the skin in order to fulfill the dream of every motorcycle rider," wrote the official broadcast as reported from Motorcyclenews Yamaha, Sunday (10/10/2010).

In order not to appear too "bleak" due to the effects of skin colors are dark, V-Max Hermes is also covered with chrome in some parts such as panel meters and exhaust.

There are no plans to make the Yamaha V-Max Hermes as a mass product. And this bike is only exhibited in the arena Intermot Cologne Show 2010 in Germany.

New Specifications Kawasaki ZX-10R 2010

Specifications Kawasaki ZX-10R

After many times appear only in the form of sketches, Kawasaki ZX-10R finally launched to coincide in the mat Intermot Cologne Show 2010, in Germany.

"Superbike will be capable of generating power over 200 bhp when the Ram Air system works," wrote an official statement as reported by Kawasaki Visordown, Thursday (07/10/2010).

Ram Water helps clean the air intake at high pressure into the fuel so that it can produce a more perfect combustion system.

As a source of strength entrust Kawasaki 998 cc engine 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC 16 valve fuel injection. Innards of this size could produce power at 200.1 PS at 13,000 rpm with 114.3 Nm torque peak reached at 11 500 rpm.

Comes with full fairing design, ZX-10R is supported by suspension 43 mm adjustable preload on the front and back-link gas-charged shock at the rear.

The legs are believed to be able to sustain tires sized 120/70ZR17 front and 190/55ZR17 in the rear.

Previous Kawasaki first introduced the ZX-10R racing version.

Specifications Kawasaki Z1000SX 2010

Specifications Kawasaki Z1000SX

Apart from a ZX-10R, Kawasaki was also a big motor launch Z1000SX (MOGE) pasaukan latest green.

Appears premiere at Intermot Cologne Show 2010, Germany, Z1000SX taken from the base version of the Z1000 but naked bike.

"Fast, comfortable, sporty, aggressive, and also stylish," so Visordown assessment against 1043 cc motor.

Armed with machine 4-stroke liquid cooled fuel injection 16 valve DOHC 6-speed, Kawasaki note the maximum power for these motors achieve 138 PS at 9600 rpm with peak torque of 110 Nm at 7800 rpm.

To be able to withstand weight of 231 kg motor, Japanese manufacturers were using 41 mm inverted suspension system with adjustable spring preload on the front and back-link horizontal gas-charged with a cam-style spring preload adjustable on the rear.

In addition, for the sake of holding the rate of rotation measuring 120/70ZR17 and 190/50ZR17 tires, Kawasaki entrust the braking system on the dual semi-floating petal discs measuring 300 mm front and 250 mm in the rear. If not there is also optional ABS brake system.

No data has mention price of this bike, but is expected to Kawasaki Z1000SX will go on sale in Europe early next year priced at around Rp134 million.

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