MODIFIKASI HONDA VARIO 2007 | Harmonisasi Sporty-Elegan

MODIFIKASI HONDA VARIO 2007 | Harmonisasi Sporty-Elegan

Initial concept of a project modification would be a key condition before starting the destruction. With the theme it then all the changes both large and small must be done. But if there is a radical change in the middle of the road? Do not panic! If you meet smart builder will certainly be able to produce work cool

For instance that occurred in this Honda Vario. "We design and workmanship of fiber with the concept of full body leads to an elegant low rider. But because the owner of Yamaha X1 smitten with the handlebars, so must appropriate again," said Rony Wijaya, master Matic Project (MP) in Cimahi, Bandung.

Yamaha Thailand handlebars of duck it was condensed aromatic racing. Elegant See you racing? Smart smart should incorporate. "So we got dizzy. Moreover workmanship body has done," added the father of this child.

But with some new adjustments in the hollow body, all that can be overcome. For example making body at the stern. "I've had a bit pointy and so harmonious with the handlebars raised earlier," said Dadan AR, Rony partner in running the shop on Jl. Encep Kartavirya, No. 124, Cimahi, Bandung.

In the aftermath also added great views thanks to the stop lamp and a custom LED display. "It is details like this that need to be let remain harmonious. Moreover, because the basic form it has been made," said Rony again.

The concept of low rider certainly be retained. "Because of that rim width and backwards to keep using," said the portly man was. Because it only uses 6 inch rim width at the rear axle does not need too much shifted. Simply 15 cm only.

After all perfectly assembled, the new MP team deh again reinforcing the impression that the original purpose was. The choice fell on the color of burgundy with the addition of several gold-leaf accents. clean

The impression that emerged after painted, skubek this Honda looks elegant and expensive. "Especially after wearing snakeskin motif upholstery layers," Ronny proud.


Front rim: Custom 4x14 inches
Front tire: 120/60-14 Swallow
Rear rim: Custom 6 x14 inches
Front tire: 140/60-14 Swallow
Airs next: Trusty



Ninja 250R so look at these photos do not directly say if this is the standard motor. Indeed if the note is still the same body shape with a motor that came out of the dealership. But, try to see some detail or part that sticks. Powerful, Bro! Everything to amplifiers or falsifies Ninja have stylish form that moge

"It is an option offered is a fixed body of existing standards but the devices have up-grade all," Loe said Robin X Bike Modification in Jl. Mangga Besar IX, No. 28, Lokasari, West Jakarta.

For example for sokbreker front. "It's a standard shape and size are still not quite fit, so have a Yamaha R6 derivate be installed in 2008," said Robin. These men obviously have special reason with this election

Especially and most important of the upside down, had adopted a radial system for kaliper, "continued the new bride. It is also a feature moge produced from 2006 until now. It means more, doi no using waste that is too old or old.

In addition to this position radial caliper system also becomes more patent. "I do not going to shake, more grip and of course become more safety," added this small man.

Of course this is not be denied the shape that matches the design of a quarter-liter motor is. "Because the body shape that it has moge Ninja, unfortunately some part less support. So, still a little sissy impressed so must be replaced," said length.

"Because the front has been impressive moge, hind legs should also let manoeuvered balanced," he added. For this time she was tempted to use baseball moge waste a lot of overlap in the store who did become one provider of waste.

He also prefers to use a condom system. Well why is that? "Because the owner is still a pity if the hind legs should be completely overhauled. Yes, the safest solution to use a condom," he said.

This condom model admittedly GSX600 imitate. And for now it was also produced by him. Wow, so the new merchandise.


Front tire: Battlax 120/70-17
Rear tire: Battlax 160/70-17
Rim: Fire Blade 400
Upside down: Yamaha R6 2008
Footstep: Yoshimura
Exhaust: Yoshimura
X-Bike: 0815-1000-742

MODIFIKASI YAMAHA V-IXION 2008 | Juara Jambore Nasional

MODIFIKASI YAMAHA V-IXION 2008 | Juara Jambore Nasional

Motor sport bike and streetfighter naked homage often shunned petite biker. The reason is a big power, handling will be difficult to control, as well as between the biker and motorcycle display will fall. The problem is long solved in the prestigious race on the MotoGP, Repsol Honda team rider passed Dani Pedrosa who was also bodied cute.

This Herdi Irawan try difollow ups. Armed with 170 cm/58kg posture, doi dare MODIF Yamaha V-Ixion with great views. "The problem is when the motor stops, I can not lose both legs simultaneously. However, when riding is no problem, "I am the man who was familiarly called Adie.

To realize the V-Ixion who sangar, Adie docked at Vanny Fiber Shop (VFS) on Jl. Sukahaji Kingdom, No. 114, geger bats, Bandung. Mismanto the owner VFS started first touch of the tank. "Design taken from Yamaha R6 tank. Basically the tank is a large V-Ixion, and the chance to mold Adie tank I already have, to stay constrained holder, "said Komeng Mismanto familiar greeting.

Streetfighter also requires a display strong legs. To compensate for the large rear tires, "Swing arm should see the stocky," added the modifier of this one child, coincidentally Vanny name taken from the baby.

Komeng implement temporary system in the arm. If you usually use screws to put a condom, this time only using a special glue fiber.

Tear down tail section is also taxable, the model still take around R6 2005. collaboration with rear lights Honda Revo.

Adie problem in this case did not want to be labeled selfish bikers. Selfish here means a single sitter, motorcycle streetfighter naked or indeed less likely to be used tandem.

Adie also Pasundan Bandung University student majoring in art music was drinking water while diving. This Cirebon original directly take the red part of two events at once. Turing and contezt.

"First come touring Bandung-Jakarta to attend the National Jamboree Yamaha V-Ixion Club Indonesia (YVCB) in Jakarta, the end of 2009 yesterday. Well as modifications to the contest and not presumed to be champions, "Adie's story proud. YVCB follow-up certainly proud, because Adie one of them.


Front tire: 110/70x17 Swallow
Rear tire: 150x17 Battlax
Headlights: Variation of Harley-Davidson
Exhaust: CLD
Front disc: CP
Mirror: Koso
Vanny Fiber Shop: 0813-2214-3316

Model: 3C11
Engine type: Liquid cooled, 4T, SOHC
Bore x Stroke: 57 x 58.7 (mm)
Capacity: 149.8 cc
Compression Ratio: 10.4: 1
Starter System: Kick & Electric Starter
Round langsam: 1300 - 1500 rpm
Power: 11.10 kw (14.88 HP) / 8.500 rpm
Torque: 13:10 nm (1:34 Kgf.m) / 7.500 rpm FUEL
Recommended fuel: Unleaded Gasoline (Premium unleaded)
Tank capacity: 12 Ltr

Recommended Oil: SAE 20W40 / SAE 20W50 API SERVICE SJ
Lubrication System: Wet Type
Total Engine Oil
- Periodic replacement (without removing the filter): 0.95 Ltr
- Replacement of periodically (by removing the filter): 1.00 Ltr
- Replacement Total: 1:15 Ltr

Type: AC 28 / 1
Brand / Made: Mikuni
Cam Chain: Silent Chain / 96
Tensioner: Automatic
Valve Gap
- Entrance: 0.10 mm ~ 12:14
- Exhaust: 0.20 mm ~ 00:24

Width: 705 mm
Height: 1.035 mm
Length: 2,000 mm
Seat Height: 790 mm
Wheel distance: 1.282 mm
Caster Angle: 260
Trail: 100 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 167 mm
Net Weight: 114 Kg
Gross Weight (liquid): 125 Kg

Type: Dry Type

Type / Made: CR 8 E (NGK) / U 24 ESR-N (DENSO)
Spark plug gap: 0.7 ~ 0.8 mm

Ignition timing: 100 / 1.400 rpm
Prisoners pick up coil: 248 ~ 372 ohm
Prisoners primary coil: 2:16 ~ 2.64 ohm
Prisoners secondary oil: 8.64 ~ 12.96 ohm
Fuse (fuse): 20 Ampere
Bulb (bulb) headlights: 12V 35/35W, 12V 5W (Lamp twilight)
Bulb (bulb) taillight: 12V 5/21W

Capacity: 12V 3.5 Ampere



Japanese motor manufacturers, Yamaha again stormed the Indian two-wheeler market with the launch of Yamaha SS125. Yamaha's motor sport was adopted new engine capacity 125 cc 4 stroke SOHC 5 speed.

This can eject motor power of 11 Ps at 7500 rpm and torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm. The engine compression was 1:10.0 new sports. Yamaha SS125 using cooled water.

Yamaha SS125 Attendance is expected to be acceptable and successful in markets such as predecessor motor sport and Yamaha FZ16 Yamaha R15 that has been present in India. This new Yamaha sport bikes have the same engine with Yamaha Gladiator, only weighs about 3 pounds lighter.
Yamaha SS125 can spraying power of 11 PS at 7500 rpm and torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm. With the compression machine and use the water cooled 1:10.0.

As for the fuel supply system on the Yamaha SS125 sport is still using a combined carburetor CDI and device Elektric starter and Kickstarter, equipped also with other tools such as break front dics back to the safety system.

The design is more perfect by embedding a tachometer. Meanwhile, to enhance the sporty, Yamaha aluminum alloy rim apply. Telescopic suspension in front and swingarm rear suspension. In order to become embedded in the asphalt, tire size 2.75-18.4PR in front, 3:00 behind-18.6PR.

Yamaha SS125 gas tank capacity 13.6 liters, with dimensions 1995 mm x 730 mm x 1110 mm. This new sport bikes are very economical, can reach a distance of 70 km per liter. Yamaha claims the latest sport bikes Yamaha SS125 2010 was very suitable for everyday use.


1. Engine 125 cc 4-stroke, SOHC, 1 Cylinder
2. Engine Displacement: 123cc
3. Bore & Stroke: 54.0 x 54.0 mm Bore & Stroke 54.0 x 54.0 mm
4th. Compression ratio: 10.0:1
5. Maximum Power: 11 PS/7500 rpm (8 KW @ 7500rpm)
6. Maximum torque: 10.4 Nm / 6.500 rpm
7. Fog System: CDI
8. Suspension front / rear: Telescopic Forks, Suspension

Yamaha SS125 Fog system is as reported indianmotosblog CDI, Friday (30/07/2010). More than that, Yamaha SS125 more fully with other devices such as break dics front and back for safety systems.

New motor sport's presence to fill the void between YBR110 and FZ16 segment that has long gliding in India.

Peg design more perfect with tachometer. Meanwhile, to give the impression of sporty, Yamaha aluminum alloy rim apply. Yamaha SS125 tank capacity of 13.6 liters of gasoline. Yamaha claims the new engine is very economical, Yamaha SS125 can reach the distance of 70 km per liter.

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2006

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2006

Syahruddin Romadhon who commanded the DJM Modified, Pasuruan, East Java, not only the motor MODIF consumers. Got myself dioprek follow-up. Jupiter MX 135LC concept that has been racing reinforced. The result is certainly more racing at the front.

Youth who daily display maximize addressed this Doni MX's actually been cool spend. Made fiber body is just adding in some sectors.

"Actually, the general view of this MX is cool. Just a few parts that I disagree. The line-line should be more emphasized, let racing aura can be obtained," added the boss who is 24 this year.

Front cover design is a sector that was not touched. Only a function of changing lights. Which initially was Sein, who is also now a headlamp Sein. This is done because Doni apply bald handlebars. Automatic headlamp shell must be willing evicted following.

Only then went downstairs. Precisely at the side deck or wing. This is where small debris to happen, "Design is made wider. It is inspired fairing sports motor sport. So, if the force was applied motor sport, would make the look more fierce," said brother from Jl. Gatot Subroto, No.. 2, this Pasuruan.

increasingly cute when Doni is also continues to make the cover of the line engine designs become one with the side cover. As for the middle deck, still rely on the original. But, on the side cover has done a lot of debris. Remaining practically cover only 40% original, extra rest made fiber body kit.

Design side cover until the stern was referring to motor racing. Because, young man who lived in Kradenan, Coral Ketug, is applying the seat of Pasuruan single sitter. So, automatic seat cuted original. The rest of the body replaced by a new model of wasp tail. Design choices become one with the right and left side cover.

Let balanced with a new body, swing arm also made as if large. Though still using the original swing arm, you know! Only Wraped with using fiber materials. "While the designs mimic real motor racing which naturally dimensions have been adjusted," confident.


Front tire: 100/80-17 Mizzle
Rear tire: 110/80-17 Mizzle
Front disc: Kitaco
Sok back: Gazi
Exhaust: AHRS
DJM: (0343) 431861

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2003 | Tuntutan Profesi

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2003 | Tuntutan Profesi

Want to have a macho motorcycle modifications but still the safety and appear authoritative. Handy brought this concept when vagrancy Honda Tiger A1 Modified modifications to the workshop in numbers Jl. Diponegoro, Magetan, East Java.

Handy profession as Members of the Air Force requires an authoritative performance despite the use garnish modification, "change the motor should be seen dashing to the concept of a full fairing modifications," said Abdul Aziz, the retainer Modified A1.

The result is the concept of agreed changes to imitate Tiger's Handy hang out Yamaha R6. Clearly, this change makes little fuss because the original Tiger tubular frame should be changed to deltabox.

To interrogate doi camouflage principle or system of condoms. "The middle order as the separator tank and fairing I made deltabox patch of fiber material," explains Mas greeting Doel akran Abdul Aziz.

The process seems too difficult because baseball is expertly blended Doel and print materials fiberglass. "The printed deltabox made thicker you will look like the real solid," said the slender, this modifier.

I'll live to outsmart the framework behind the stern position more driving like Yamaha R6. "Let driving, the original framework is bent and then added a longer pipe to connect to the rear frame," explained Doel again.

Finish business framework focusing on the progress legs. Let the more muscular rear swing arm to resemble an arm which had a model R6 banana. Simply relying on a standard swing arm which was then formed with the metal plate. Live swing arm design, detail, also made similar swing arm model Yamaha R6.

Sock front must be adjust disposable type upside down. Amazingly by A1 Modified, baseball needs to rely on front pretentious waste removable that cost a fortune. "I am a raft of standard suspension Tiger let it looks like upside down," explained a modifier which also received a suspension order is made locally upside down.

This solution can certainly reduce the cost of the order rather than upside down removable moge. "Let the funds be transferred to other parts shopping, so the look is more classy motor also so again," explained Doel who claimed to have cost approximately USD 11 millions.

Continue to business form the body. For this problem, Handy select designs follow the detailed version of the 2007 Yamaha R6. Deliberately choose this type deemed most appropriate because the headlights are applying removable from Honda Vario. The entire body is formed fiberglass material relied mainstay A1 Modified workshop.

Finally, let the kitchen more powerful race, aftermarket exhaust fitted. "Tube silincer chosen larger in order to be more similar to Hang out moge let me," lid brothers whose work often appeared on the national scene this modification.


Front tires: 110/70/17 Tire Deli
Rear tires: Michelin 130/70/17
Rim: Sprint
Monosok: Suzuki Satria
A1 Modified: 0812-340-8435

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul 2008 | Baby Majesty

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul 2008 | Baby Majesty

Dream had a dream to have a Yamaha Majesty. That's what makes Made Ambara Suarjaya so uncomfortable to sleep. But, on second thought it more exciting if it was made from custom, not buying it. "If it's just all too able to buy, but I am challenged to make modifications with reference to the Majesty," said Made.

It is aligned with the profession of a modifier. Doi never becomes the Best Region in 2008 representing Yamaha Cuzztomatic East Indonesian region. So for this Mio's own Soul, doi very excited about this dream.

Of course, changes on the front body becomes the main requirements. "Because that's typical of Majesty," said this man was overweight somewhat. No need to bother because they can rely on head lamp removable from Yamaha Nouvo-Z.

"Obviously there are a number of adjustments again," added this clean-skinned man. For example, in the light manufacturing Visor. Overall use of fiber materials. Interestingly again in this section affixed to the LED if the flame will be read M1, a workshop Made.

In this sector a little improvisation done at the mirror position. If mirror remains on the handlebar Majesty, the Made in the Soul, laid it on the cover of the body. "This was inspired by a number moge, but it turned out okay too," added the garage owner from Jl. Muliawan Mountain East, No. 15x, Denpasar

Meanwhile, for the affairs of the body is left behind is still the standard. There is only the addition of body kit on the deck. In addition the rear wheel a little too long impressive backdated let the motor. "Just wear withdraw-withdraw 15 cm," the man who was also closing this cargo business.

Not only chromium

if we look detail, the entire body there was the impression that this Soul Made plastic chrome process. Though not. This impression can be obtained thanks to the tricks and the selection of paints and varnishes which are suitable.

"Actually for the rear are chrome. But at the front of the baseball. We continue to use the paint," said Made.

With a good clear usage as finishing in the front cover, then the effect was almost equal the shiny plastic chrome. This final coating Made To choose a brand of DuPont.

But, this guy was a fan of glossy appearance. The proof of the parts which consist of iron or chromium metal layer is also taxable.

"Because with that view, then the motor we will be right-eye cacthing true," kekeh.


Front tire: 90/80-14 FDR
Rear tire: 120/70-14 FDR
Rim: Power
Jok: Top Secret
Airs next: X Speed
Tachometers: Auto Gauge
Brake Handel: Ride It
Landing: Yoshimura
CVT Cover: Nouvo Z
M1: 0812-3916-064

SPESIFIKASI BMW K 1300 R | Keluaran Motor Terbaru

SPESIFIKASI BMW K 1300 R | Keluaran Motor Terbaru

During this BMW may be more widely known as a luxury car brand BMW has yet mere two-wheel division. And no half-hearted there are now four new BMW motorcycles have entered the Indonesian market.

PT Son Wisanna Motorrad which is representative of the Indonesian Mottorrad BMW today shows four new BMW motorcycles will they marketed the BMW F 650 GS, BMW R 1200 BMW K 1300 R and R.

"And the most interesting, we also bring the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Special Edition which is a special edition 30 years BMW GS type," said President Director PT Putra Wisanna Motorrad, Epicentrum GrattianoDeru in Jakarta, Sunday (25/07/2010).

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Special Edition itself is a special edition of the GS series that is already very well known and is the world's best selling BMW motorcycles.

This special edition is different from the series 'usual' because it carried the design and colors and different body style than the GS in general.

While the BMW F 650 GS ENDURO type motor which is very suitable for the Indonesian people posture. "For not too high, so our guys are not too difficult to use," explained GrattianoDeru.

But if it wants power-crazy, consider the lyrics of BMW K 1300 R, which is an exotic motor sport as well as futuristic. This motorcycle carrying capacity of 1293 cc engine-powered 173 hp strong with 103 lb-ft of torque.

While her sister BMW BMW R 1200 R is also equipped machine that is no less formidable an engine capacity 1157 cc power 163 hp.

For the price of PT Putra Wisanna price Motorrad BMW F 650 GS, BMW R 1200 BMW K 1300 R and R with their respective price of Rp 420 million, USD 530 million and Rp 580 million.

"While the GS special edition for us off the price of Rp 550 million," he added



Jap's Style definitely synonymous with simple and minimalist in order to look good used equipment. But the owner Hendra Suzuki Thunder 125 is even more minimalist want to look better longer. Obviously, forcan realize it all, Hendra must often or diligently browsing on the Internet.

In progress, assisted by Ajay Hendra, a club colleague at TIC or Thunder Innovative Community Cirebon. The first step taken cut rear body. Ration taxable stern trim about 25 cm. "But the cuts still needed more precision. Sure to keep compatible titled. It is also to set the driving position to fit and fit my posture, "said Oinx, Hendra cordial greeting.

Sector legs so the next stage in their plots. Selected wide rim with 130/70-17 and 160/70-17 Size tires. Because the theme of Jap's Style minimalist, quasi front still rely on the original. Just behind the original double ass replaced using monosockowned Suzuki Satria 120. Obviously also been combined swing arm Ajay creations.

MODIF Jap's Style identical to the body which is simple and minimalist. For that tank takes from the CB100 smaller dimensions. From here starts to look clear viscous characteristics Jap's Style. Especially in the sector with the implementation of a blue tank. Also do not forget to blend the sunrise picture is none other that is characteristic of the Japanese flag.

Headlights are also following the adoption of Sein CB100 front and back. "The tank is also fitted with lights so that a major theme modifications," said Hendra Ajay.


Front tire: Tire Delli
Rear tire: Battlax
Speedometer: Suzuki A100
Jok: CB100 Custom
Exhaust: Nobi

SPESIFIKASI Ducati 848 Evo | Penggila Kecepatan

SPESIFIKASI Ducati 848 Evo | Penggila Kecepatan

Italian manufacturer of sports motorcycles, Ducati introduces the new replacement motor Ducati 848 EVO they call 848. Amazingly, this is a motor bike SupersPort new most powerful ever produced.

No half-hearted, the power of 140 hp in the round of 10 500 rpm and 72.3 lb-ft of torque at 9750 rpm and stored these ferocious motor to scare his opponents.

Moreover Ducati 848 EVO is also applying the cylinder head, cams and new pistons. Ducati 848 EVO else also has a higher compression engine with large muffler.

Motor power of the Testastretta Evoluzione engine wear is even greater than the performance that can be made by BMW S1000RR which has a larger engine capacity.

Ducati also offer a better braking system and offers a single arm suspension better than previous versions.

And do not want to wait a long time, this motor also plans to soon enter Indonesia.

PT SuperMoto Indonesia plans to become Ducati motor car manufacturers in Indonesia will soon enter full-fairing sport bike is at the end of this year 2010.

"We will end EVO 848 entries this year. Probably in the range of November or December," said President Director of PT Indonesian SuperMoto USA to detikOto Nugroho, Thursday (22/07/2010).

Nugroho believe this bike would be very interested by the enthusiast speed in Indonesia. For Ducati 848 EVO claimed class is a most powerful motorcycle ever produced.

Ducati 848 EVO it does have the power of 140 hp in the round of 10 500 rpm and 72.3 lb-ft of torque at 9750 rpm the Testastretta Evoluzione engine is obtained from the arms.

Outside there is rewarded with a tag of the motor starting from U.S. $ 12,995 to U.S. $ 13,995 or approximately USD 117.54 to USD 126.58 million. But as we know, the taxes that exist in Indonesia will make those prices jumped dramatically.

"Up here at the price of Rp 395 million. But clearly the price that will keep us safe side. We also do not want the price of this bike through the USD 400 million," he asserted.

SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno AT | Fitur Revo Matik

SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno AT | Fitur Revo Matik

Honda Revo AT Techno been sliding. But what kind of motor features a new Honda released the price of USD $ 15.8 million it? Let's find out together. Features of this bike course was at the kitchen spur where 110 cc engine that carried AT Revo Techno has brought the technology Continuous Variable Automatic CV alias-matic which ultimately makes this bike as a motorcycle automatic transmit first in Indonesia.

"This is the most special in this bike because this is what makes Revo AT Techno matic duck into a new genre in Indonesia," said Chief Engineer of Honda R & D for the Southeast Asian region Mitsuo Tamamura in Jakarta.

With this technology, Honda also became a leader with a combination of agility and comfort of a motorcycle motor automatic.besides transmit it, Techno AT Revo engine was unique because it also spelled out a double cooling system adopt the CVT and air conditioning for cooling oil in the engine room with the same like a motorcycle engine.

This system is effective to reduce the heat in the engine so the engine temperature remains stable, especially during traffic jams and long trips. The position of holes for air cooling facing upwards thus reducing the risk of entry of water into the engine if the flood struck.

Not only that, AT Techno Revo engine as well as any other Honda motorcycle technology has also brought the EFT (Efficient & Low Friction Technology) which serves to minimize friction between engine components.

And most of all, AT Techno Revo also been equipped with new technology Fuel Injection system with the addition of a third generation catalytic converter and O2 sensor.

This is quite surprising because the estimates for this Honda will only bring Revo AT Techno garnish carburetor system.

"This is our commitment to the environment," said President Director AHM Yusuke Hori.

Finish up there? Apparently not. Honda Revo For AT Techno did not like the other ducks and duck can be regarded as the feature-rich motor because it brings features previously only on the motor start from a standard Honda matic automatic side (side stand switch) that makes the machine can not be switched on when the standard addition down.not yetlonger in a position lock brake lever on the left side under the driver's left hand, easily accessible as well as automatic ignition magnet useful for reducing the risk of theft.

While the appearance of the Honda Revo AT Techno appear with a futuristic design in the presence of multi-reflector lamps make lighting more leverage.

Especially in the face of the reflector design is also chime in nicely with a side body which has a sharp curve. It stretched along the curve of the body Revo AT Techno and fused with the rear looks modern and functional.

"We prepare Revo AT Techno Techno ie in three colors Black, Red and the Techno Techno Violet," said Marketing Director Julius Aslan.Dan AHM finally, with a myriad of advantages that deserve AT Revo Techno recognized as distinct from motorcycle motors that circulate now. This is certainly a challenge for all parties. Because if not shake AT Revo Techno, competitors would have to make an automatic motorcycle sophisticated and rich in features such as AT Revo Techno.

In terms of appearance, Honda Revo AT & futuristic look with character designs that are equipped with multi-reflector lamps make lighting more leverage. The panel meter indicators are also designed so that the backlight lamp modern with easy to read. On the front side of the rear body and fins are there to suggest an aerodynamic body.

Design of the rear looks modern and functional equipped with lights sein that integrates with the rear lights and exhaust with heat shield design that looks modern and dynamic.

Price Honda Revo Techno AT: 15.8 Mt in Jakarta OTR

Honda Specifications Techno Revo AT:

Engine type: 4 stroke, SOHC
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Diameter x measures: 50 x 55.6 mm
Volume measures: 109.1 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
Maximum Power: 7.68 PS / 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 0.81 kgf.m / 5000 rpm
Clutch: Automatic Centrifugal, wet type
Starter: Pedal and electric
Spark plugs: ND U20EPR9S, NGK CPR6EA-9s

SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno A/T

SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno A/T

After a long awaited, finally matic comes first duck to Indonesia. And the PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) finished first with Honda Techno Revo A / T it. Not only the people who are curious about the presence of this new motor, also curious. Although never a chance try in Thailand some time ago was still curious about the form of a duck matic Indonesian version.

Obviously there are different versions of Indonesian Thai version, and it was true. If in Thailand, called the Wave 110i motor is only used AT rim radius, in Indonesia changed using bolt rim. By finishing painting and pasting any emblem looks more elegant.

Transition From Duck To skutik

Apart from the business of design and the exact same machine with the Thai version, apparently AHM matik intend to make a duck a duck as a transition for users who want to switch to skutik. AHM can be seen steps that remain include Techno Revo A / T into the group of ducks.

"We expect this to be a solution for those who are loyal to the type of duck but want the ease of operation like skutik," open Julius Aslan, Marketing Director of AHM. Not surprisingly, the completeness of the manual operation is still like a duck. "For example, the placement of the front brake on the handlebar, but remained at the foot of the rear brake, the manual exactly the same as a duck," continued the man was friendly. Moreover, a pattern similar to that used Honda cars. In one model there are two choices of transmissions, there are manual and automatic.

Consumers are still loyal to the duck or who feel their needs are met with a duck, it would be easier to adapt to this automatic duck. This is very different with Yamaha, the manufacturer of a duck named Yamaha Lexam matik are much closer to skutik. Where all the brake lever is in the hands and feet as wide as skutik footing.

Duck flagship 110cc Honda

AHM also confident to make Indonesia's first automatic duck as a duck flagship 110cc. In the cub 110cc, Honda had a Revo with a rim radius, rim Revo and Revo DX crossbar. The most luxurious new Techno Revo A / T this. Really looks like a car? Automatic variant which gives a chance definitely the most expensive. Techno Revo A / T was sold USD 15.8 million, on the road worthy Jakarta.price technology. There is what aja? To be sure, Revo Techno A / T is a duck wearing the Honda's first 110cc fuel injection atomizer PGM-Fi. "Equivalent level ie PCX Honda PGM-Fi to the third generation, and of course" said Hariko Handy, deputy GM AHM technical service.

Seen from the addition of 02 sensor and IACV sensor. Thus in terms of fuel efficiency can be more efficient, low emissions, but pull the motor can remain responsive and smooth. Even AHM claimed fuel consumption in constant conditions can reach 50 km more to one liter of gasoline.

Any unique features. Among others, the rear brake lever that functions like a handbrake on the car. Kick starter motor is located on the left riders like skutik loh. We turn on the motor using the kick starter, one brake must be pressed first. If not, the machine will not live because of the brake circuit breaker ignition system fitted to the consideration safety.medium base engine has bore x stroke it like this Revo or Blade 110 (50.0 x 55.6 mm). However, the transmission system is very different from a duck. When the ducks using the gear, then at the Techno Revo A / T system replaced contiuous matic variable (CV-Matic) kayaking in skutik. Consists of pulleys, belt, roller and centrifugal clutch mounted in the engine.

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Hayabusa 2011 | Datang di Amerika

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Hayabusa 2011 | Datang di Amerika

Japan's representative in the United States introduced the Suzuki motor sport is big or moge types, Suzuki Hayabusa 2011, as a top model, on Wednesday (07/21/2010). Conducted to coincide with the launch of the 50th anniversary of international racing in the summer of State Uncle Sam.

Information about prices will be submitted in the near future. "Hayabusa is designed for those who enjoy racing. So he was a powerful combination of power and a good level of aerodynamics," said Suzuki ATPM companies in America in the release.

Hayabusa which weighs 260 kg was carried four-stroke engine capacity of 1340 cc four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, combined with 6 speed transmission. There are two color options, namely the Mirage Pearl White and Pearl Black Nebula.

equipped transmission with Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS), which acts to limit rear torque, smooth gearshift, and makes the driver feel lighter as you pull the clutch lever. Not only that, with the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS), riders can choose the machine settings according to the desired condition.

Most brand, Hayabusa is equipped with the Pulsed-secondary Air-injection (PAIR). Functions include reducing emissions of carbon monoxide.

It looks more manly with aluminum alloy wheels 120/70ZR17M/C size (front) and 190/50ZR17M/C (back).

Since the first generation produced in 1999, this bike barely carry a lot of changes. The only change is drastic enough generation in 2008. Changes that occur not only on the side of the engine performance alone, the body 'the eagle' is also slightly improved.

One prominent is the growing body length of 55 cm. When the motor long before this generation is only 2.140mm in this 2008 Hayabusa has a length of 2.195mm.

Globally, the Hayabusa body design remains the same. The difference is only in this 2008 Suzuki generation curves add detail 'the eagle' it so it looks more slender and dynamic. Another difference may be the installation of two headlights mounted top of each other. The rest could say the motor is still carrying his old designs.
Changes occur also invisible on this Hayabusa engine capacity.

If previous Hayabusa engine capacity 1.299cc this time to install the engine capacity 1.340cc Suzuki. Four-stroke engine is still using 16-valve configuration as the previous version. With this new machine, Hayabusa capable of producing power around 171 horsepower with a torque of 102.3 lb · ft (139 N ° m). Reportedly, the Hayabusa could drive up to speed 299 km / hour.

Another improvement is happening is the application of 4-2-1-2 exhaust system, which uses aluminum alloy swingarm and front forks which use upside down shock absorber with a diameter of 43mm.


* Engine: 1340 cc (81.8, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC
* Bore Stroke: 81.0 mm (3189 in) x 65.0 mm (2,559 in.)
* Compression Ratio: 12.5:1
* Fuel System: Fuel injection
* Lubrication: Wet sump
* Ignition: Electronic ignition (transistorized)
* Transmission: 6-speed constant mesh
* Final Drive: RK GB50GSV Z4, 114 links
* Overall Length: 2190 mm (86.2 in)
* Overall Width: 735 mm (28.9 in)
* Overall Height: 1165 mm (45.9 in)
* Seat Height: 805 mm (31.7 in)
* Ground Clearance: 120 mm (4.7 ins)
* Wheelbase: 1480 mm (58.3 in)
* Curb Weight: 260 kg (573 lbs)
* Suspension Front: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
* Suspension Rear: Linky type, coil spring, oil damped
* Front Brakes: Disc brake, twin
* Brakes Rear: Disc brake
* Tires Front: 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
* Tires Rear: 190/50ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 21.0 L (5.5/4.6 US / Imp gal)
* Color: Black / Gray, Gray / Silver, White / Silver




The population is not as much as Honda CB XL. What else has been modified with a view Jap's bike (JB) like this. It must have been rare. Though already sip chassis model for this style.

"Because if there is any, most still retain XL with off-road style, not made like this," said Chopp Suey, Born to Kill Custom frontman of concocting a fresh engine this old, like now.

Whereas XL has many advantages for these changes follow the flow of JB. "Especially in the affairs of the framework, because its standard form can be had in accordance with this new virus," said Yus, call famous.

"Because it's so, so if you use the XL live material and other supporting knacks think that got a perfect view," continued the owner of a garage in the area substation Jati, Bandung.

For example for the affairs of the tank. "It is most sip with body size as the tank is used Yamaha DT 100, fitting the dimensions and shape," added the man speak with a certain dialect of Sunda this thick.

Tank as the main body of motor sport at a special attention is necessary. If it can fit, just done finishing optimal. "To paint and motives, of course not arbitrary, if allowed to usual care," added this medium-bodied men.

The last step just choose knacks supporters. Well, on this bike crown Yus paste it nuanced. Look at the petrol tank cap. "Not only that you know, even to creep into the seat and Footstep all.

This motor king, "proud.


Rims: Yamaha Nouvo
Tires: Dunlop 130/90-16 H-D
Sok back: KTC
Handlebar: Tiger
Tank: Yamaha DT 100
Born to Kill Custom: (022) 91170199



As a city full of art and culture, it's the biker, builder and enthusiast in Bali are really concerned modification of existing local wealth. This two-wheel artists do not want to just follow the world trend, but local elements must be able to give donations.

For example, Kawasaki Binter Bagoes merzy of this Custom. According Bagoes, the owner of the motorcycle world the virus combines seed in HD overseas magazines with elements of Balinese culture, which certainly also worldwide.

"That we can see in the motifs painted on the tank and sepatbor back," said the artist paints based on Jl. Daffodils, No. 30, Denpasar.

Artha Wiguna the owner of the motor wants to have Balinese sarong motif is very popular on the bike. "It's actually a simple motif, is not only just boxes. But of course there must be other effects derived from choosing this form," said Bagoes again.

If the Balinese sarong and white black box, hence the motor bersuspensi this rigid red black. "Also on each box is also a kind of gradation so that there are effects that lead to three-dimensional shapes," said again.besides growing modern element that is currently also applied.

"For the community in Bali when the motor is the use of paint with glitter effect again many requester. It is happening again in Bali," added the modifier is indeed a place hang out HD and fans of this great motorcycle. Local culture can be side by side with a virus or world trends.

Binter Mercy joined the black-robed enliven motor modification row displayed in the venue. Starting from the concept embodied in the imagination Anto, owner modification and the owner of the motorcycle-style chooper says, "I did this modification starts with imagination and left no input from my friends shop, so this chooper materialize," the firm Anto.

The first change that needs to be done in the context of concerns using "pipe wheeldeep" with a thickness of 3 mm. While support for good springer front suspension was chosen as the support of the motor to the body. Springer is the work of the fellow that flew mechanical workshop name Harum.

"This motor is the result of the workshop together with the scent, he worked on the project legs, springer and Footstep, while I prefer to concentrate to make the tank and chassis as well as other modifications," said the two children of this man. For the legs, the legendary motorcycle alloy wheels adopted from the car with the ring size 15, to make it look more macho. Whereas the right circle size rubber 170/15.

In connection with the kitchen runway, Anto still rely on the machine with a standard specification that has the capability of $ 200 CC. It's just to boost their performance, an alternative ignition and it's chosen unlimited CDI Suzuki Shogun 110. When asked about his victory in the National-scale event of this contest, the man said, "I am very happy and this would spur me to further realize the concept of the GS 250 Chopper"


Front tire: 120/80-18 Swallow
Drum: Cham
Rear tire: 120/80-18 Swallow
Sissy Bar: Custom
Tank: Custom
Head lamp: Waste moge Japan
Seat: Leather Chacha
Handlebar: Sportster
Sepatbor: Custom
Custom Bagoes: 0817-4720-523



As a new workshop, IMS would like to direct strikes. rotation especially in East Java. No responsibility, Fiki Josindra make revisions on Yamaha Mio 2007 spend this. "Especially, the entire cover of a renewed body. Bodi original was not used," explained the modifier from this jombang.

Khafid the owner is indeed more cravings skubek skubek view cool Japanese style. Sakura skubek characteristics of the land is usually synonymous with cool body and has a low ground clearance or the more famous and popular with the title spend flat.

Even so, residents Jl. Kauman III, Ploso, this Jombang modific body kit would not seem too cool and very shallow. "That's perfectly natural course. Anyway still aesthetically acceptable. And also, the desired design does not stray too far from its original base," said excited.

From negotiations with the builder finally agreed on a new body enlargement is only 20 cm. "To the front of the body was widened. Each right and left sides of 10 cm. So, the total overall width of 20 cm," said Indra.

To perform the action, this fiberglass artists also use their own tricks. Doi make design and malls of paperboard. From this initial design slowly beginning to show. This process is quite time consuming. because this board will be used as a mold fiber. So, yes be patient and take care of this drive. Plus or minus, shaped to perfection as desired.

Since the concept promoted, Indra is applying bald style handlebars. Hence, automatic headlamp switching positions to be on the front deck.

"For the main light, I am more interested in applying owned Honda Vario. The model is a double look so fun and cool. It can also make skubek overlook view," lid workshop from Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 1, Jombang, East Java.

SOK hide

Khafid and Indra, the two agreed to break the legs of all sectors. "Let matched and looks balanced coupled with a new body kit which tend to be larger this. The legs also need to be revised total. Hence, the standard feet for a while simapn in the barn first," said both.

Due to wear five-inch wide rim in the rear, it must be turned away-turned up to 25 cm. Its capital is the pipe box with the size of 5 cm.

Pursuing a neat impression, pretentious and hidden behind also evicted. "I want these sectors were clean and neat. This view is not disturbed by the presence of existing monosock on the left side. Sokbreker why this was moved to the middle with a slightly quite hidden positions," said Indra.

No half, made a double sokbreker but not separate. To accommodate this dual quasi Indra made as a base of a tubular arm was pretentious.


Front tire: 120/70-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 140/70-14 Swallow
Front rim: 2.15x14 inches
Rear rim: Custom 5x14 inches
Sok back: Ride-it
IMS: 0813-3110-7576

SPESIFIKASI RR eSuperbike | Motor Balap Listrik

SPESIFIKASI RR eSuperbike | Motor Balap Listrik
American motorcycle manufacturer, Roehr, make a breakthrough for the development of two-wheeler industry. At last spring, they've announced the creation of a sports motorcycle racing and for electric-powered.

No half-hearted, three models are booked at the same time from now. Vehicles are called eSuperSport and eSuperbike and a model for race, RR eSuperbike.

ESuperSport motorcycle which has a weight of 179 kg fitted with motor-powered 48 PS. Stop system speed, especially for the front, using a model of a double disc with a disc width of 300 mm. 41 mm front fork inverted model. Battery capacity 5.8 Kw / h enough to travel the 130 km with a maximum speed of 156 km / hr.

Meanwhile, eSuperbike more violent because the two motors is supported by the PS 96 staff with a maximum speed of 210 km / hr. Clearly weighs more heavily, but not more than 250 kg. In addition, the battery capacity 7.7 Kw / h and can be used a distance of 160 km. To the rear shock absorbers, these producers rely on brand Ohlins.

Finally, the RR model eSuperbike, also equipped with two powerful 96 PS engine. Both wheels use a very light alloy wheels and Ohlins front shock absorbers.

Regarding prices, eSuperSport priced 16 995 U.S. dollars, eSuperbike 27 595 U.S. dollars, and RR eSuperbike 34 495 U.S. dollars.

MODIFIKASI Honda Supra x 2000 | Trend Gres Racing Look

MODIFIKASI Honda Supra x 2000 | Trend Gres Racing Look

Followers of style homage to the drag racing look mothai have new trend. Idea was first hatched by Khan and Ocos Custom Umir with Honda Supra X in 2000 which could be a cover of Style Racing.
Views modific unique with chest applying the front and shell Beat latticed grating used as a motor.

Similar construction fairinged sports, but between the front chest and is used as a shell over and attached to the handlebars. These two parts put together, make the body retaining the front chest plate adds to the handlebar bracket and shell on the back side of the bolt locked to the handlebar. bow so unique and different impression.

This trend then spread to two other modific have the same flow, one of Honda Supra Fertile property of Concept Pandaan Thole. "I wear body shell coupled Blade Supra Fit," said.

Of the more than been cut short bar, the upper shell is cuted bottom half of the front side of the chest and connected with the front shield Supra Fit. Supra front of chest armor so that shorter handlebar movement can also be more flexible.

There is another trend which is now visible in the flow of plural racing look is the use of wheelie bars. S Antok modific originators of BMS looser Stone Boy, Malang. Because the concept matic-style drag back side of this white elephant construction units installed wheelie bar made of three quarter pipes with a tip of the stern mounted dimmer ex skate board wheels

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja RR 2008

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja RR 2008

Great pride for Arno-Ardi duo "Twins Fiber Planets" Batu, Malang, who recently completed a successful inaugural MODIF works from overseas. Precisely from Timor-Leste a Ninja RR outdate entrusted the owner, Helder Mendes from Delta 1 Comoro Dili Timor Leste, for faced off stylish custom R-1.
"basic contour frame construction has a sporty, so there is no need to spin again," open the Arno which immediately reconstruct arm swing. Gives a chance got an extended swing arm 5 cm so that the body can compensate cool design.

Doi known only to recreate the swing arm of the pipe material Wrap box then let me re-dimensionally enlarged fiber and sporty look. Body design matters, as usual stance Kijang Krista lighting applications so that balanced goaled decorator work re fairing fairing side widened the hole with water flow additive almu cribriform.

Behind it, a parcel of gas tanks made of fiber involved displacing the gas tank fitted with a supplement orsi add 3D body. Meanwhile, the tail body is also designed seater levels with stern wrapped fiber.

Looks attractive, tail body suffered violence staked flanking a pair of mufflers oval LED stop light. Coloring Problem, Helder Mendes appears plain soap, "Must gaily dressed with bright primary colors plus green ninja who imbued sharp graphics," said Public Servant Machners Treasury Treasury is satisfied with the current Ninja Ninja Crocodile nickname this. | Tito

Rim: Sprint, BAN: Swallow-Metzeler, Stang: Handmade, Fork: USD Variations, exhaust: Ardaz, BRUSHER: by Keygen Robbil, TOTAL: Rp.13 Jt, chrome: RJM, modifier: Twins Fiber Planets Jl.Diponegoro Gg. Argopuro 29 Stone by Arno-Ardi Twins (08,563,576,002, 085649642070,087859780555)

Kawasaki Ninja RR Modifications Spec Details:

Bike Model: Kawasaki Ninja RR
Chassis: KRR150
Engine: 1878 Super Kips Engine
Suspension: OEM (fr), Ohlins (rr)
Brakes: Nissin GSX 750 with NSR RR rotor(fr), OEM (rr)
Wheels: Enkei Racing 17x1.85 (fr), 17x3.00(rr)

Tyres: Bridgestone Battlax BT090 100/70 (fr), 120/70(rr)
Fuel: AVGAS (race), Pertamax Plus (daily)
Oil: Shell Racing-X (2T), Conoco 10-40W (Engine), Motul DOT 5.1 (brakes)

Internal Engine Mods:
OEM piston and ring, port & polish, cylinder sleeves, Boyesen 755 reed valve

External Engine Mods:
CMS racing exhaust system, Keihin PWK racing carburetor (open air), Daytona racing throttle cable, Daytona front master cylinder brake system, GPR braided brake lines, Ferodo racing brake pads

OEM gearbox and clutch, Daytona racing clutch cable

OEM Lime Green colour, half naked fairing, Yoshimura racing steps, Nova Dash side blinkers

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skydrive 2010

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skydrive 2010

Reason to alter this SkyDrive just simple , "want different and so MODIF SkyDrive pioneer in Indonesia. Because I rarely see in ototrend MODIF SkyDrive, "said Nelta.

Nelta not own, a beautiful girl Polwan members of this Manado Police's specialist who took Budi MODIF matic low rider style. Owner padepokan Tapeli Manado swiftly overhaul matic high-powered figure was 125 cc.

SkyDrive seem appealing after the body count is formatted Aussi flag motif Danagloss paint. It appears designed to lure racing seat holder with leather wrapped with a cream and blue colors. "In harmony with the body color," says Nelta.

"If the matter back easily, because the live play retreat retreat just so baseball tire or got stuck," says this bespectacled man again. For this SkyDrive rear axle back 15 cm compared to the original.

When you wish to install the rim width of 4 inches in front before a number of problems Chuenk block. "Having to test a few times the size of the triangle because it is always stuck with the body," added this man was fertile.

Finally, after a series of trials held, can measure the right triangle. "Its size is 2 cm wide to the left and 2 cm to the right than the standard," continued this bachelor. Oh yes, despite that the motor is still without sepatbor front because if it is installed is still stuck.

Material used 20 mm thick iron plate. "This new triangle is likely to be produced for those users who want to rim width SkyDrive," he added. The idea was still limited to the plan because it has not been realized.

For business steering, also performs the changes on the handlebars. "The model is simple with a straight trunk slightly bent," cuap residents Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang this. The size of the iron rod used is diamater 3 / 4 inches.

In this section also have an idea odd still using standard speedometer but modified spido by removing the cover. So that the needle pointer speed was only closed
mica nodes only.

The legs seemed fine after the front of the pointed disc and rear disc brake apply rim PSM Avanza. "For me tromol pairs of former CW SkyDrive rim with a rim that connected nuts bolts system Avanza innate," whispered Budi.

Appear to stretch to the back after the swing arm extended 11 cm below sustained sokbeker MX Jupie property. Finally, the handlebar mounted Z-bar-style models maticers Bandung. Want to Dunk whistle Polwan slang and lovely.

DPN disk: PSM, SOK BLKG: MX, SWING ARM: custom, BAN: Swallow 110/70-14, 160/70-14, steering: custom, AIR FILTER: kyoso, modifier: Tapeli Galway, Tel. 0852561281251.

SPESIFIKASI Brammo Empulse | Motor Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Brammo Empulse | Motor Listrik

If our assumptions for these electric motorcycles speeding apparently can not take it wrong. Electric motorcycle can also speeding like using a gasoline engine. Brammo Empulse Like this one.

Maybe you do not think if the motorcycle is the most powerful electric motorcycle. Because like devirated Popsci, Friday (16/07/2010), Brammo Empulse can penetrate 160 km / hr. Wow.

Machine is very grim but still environmentally friendly. Brammo Empulse have power by 55 hp with torque reaching 59 Nm, or equivalent with Suzuki motorcycle engine with a capacity of 650 cc. With that ability, Brammo Empulse be categorized as a sport bike.

However, remember once again if Brammo Empulse environmentally friendly motors. It was the most'll enjoy by the garnish.

Views Brammo Empulse itself an electric motor with nakedbike style. As information, this motorcycle for the first time using technology Brammo Brammo Power Power battery pack and vehicle management system. Resistance is claimed to be strong enough.

There are three options battery, the first 6 kwh with the distance 60 miles or 97 km at a price equivalent to U.S. $ 9.995, or approximately USD 91 million, 8 kwh distance traveled 80 miles (129 km) at a price of U.S. $ 11.995 or approximately USD 110 million, and 10 kwh that can roam up to 100 miles (160 km) of U.S. $ 13.995 USD 128 million. The three models that can penetrate 160 km / hr.

Manufacturers plan to sell Brammo Empulse fastest in the United States next year. The reason is a constraint to prepare battery also environmentally friendly and durable



Join the community get a lot of the benefits. "One could add the reference modification workshops," open Herry 'Casper', one member of Cibinong Satria Club (CISC), which also garnish Suzuki Satria FU150 output in 2009.

The proof, while CISC will be touring to Bandung during the three days, Casper asked his friends, there is a good baseball modification workshops there.

"Turns out there was a good acquaintance airbrush workshop. And a subscription Bandung Satria Club kids, "he explained. So, it occurred to him, for all his favorite steed modifi it.

Sure enough, they reached the town of Flower, Casper baseball straight to the inn. In fact towards Bhen's Airbrush (BA), on Jl. Pasundan No. 67, balungan, Bandung, West Java. This workshop is held Mulyana Sumantri Rahmat, aka Kang Beben.

"Hello Kang Beben, what's it going? Kang, I want to paint the motor nih. Graphic motif, essentially follow the original color of ya! "Story of a man who lived in the area Cibiriung, Cibinong, West Java, as he recounted the moment give up his motorcycle.

After three days, a new face was sprayed with Sikkens paint finish. So that when returned to the city of origin, the appearance of six-speed motors transmit this has changed completely.
But so just it? Not yet! Because, he felt there was a less comfortable with his new look. What is it? It turns out the legs of a standard less supportive of the display motif of new clothes.

Finally back modification. Both rims replaced the original bar. The choice of rim radius gold-plated, labeled U-shape model Comet 1.40 x 17 front and 1.60 x 17 to the rear.

"If the front tire size 70/80-17 M1 use Comet. The back of the FDR Genzi 80/80-17 profile, "added Casper. Front drum was adapted from Kawasaki Ninja 150R, was in the back of the fixed standard.

To add a rehearsal and shine view, there are some parts that chromated. Start swing arm, front sokbreker, Footstep front-rear, kick starter, rear stirrup, triangle top-down, handlebar steering, front-rear brake master, front-rear calipers, brake and clutch handles, until the middle and sides standard.
Views are great, the engine was not touched, because by default it is fast Casper. Only apply CDI from BRT type dualband, and exhaust DBS. "Let me look no std (standard, red) really so!" He said.

"Oh yes, all workmanship is also assisted the club and my friends garage 4 Stroke Clinique, at Jl. Raya Cipayung, Cibinong, West Java. Starting from the search for spare-parts aftermarket, to dismantle tide, "the lid.

Boljug! (That sounds good, red).

Data Modification:
Bodi: Airbrush Graphics, Sikkens
DPN-blkg Tires: Comet M1 Genzi 0/80-17 70/80-17 & FDR
DPN-rim blkg: Comet U-shape, 140-17 & 160-17
Handlebar: Standard chromated
Sokbreker front: Standard chromated
Swing arm: Standard chromated
CDI: BRT dualband
Exhaust: DBS
Bhen's airbrush: 022-7049 7838
4 stroke Clinique: 021-9544 4550

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